Tricks to Maintaining Your Short Hair Cut At Home

Janell M. Hickman

There’s a reason celebrity haircuts send the the beauty blogs ablaze—it’s a bold beauty move! There’s no better scenario to chop off a few inches than now, but how can you guarantee your cut will look fierce outside of the salon? We gathered a few experts to share tips on maintaining your shorter length at-home with ease. From product recommendations to trimming your bangs in your bathroom—we have you covered. Get ready to update your profile pic captioned #shorthairdontcare sooner rather than later.

Think Beyond Face Type
“There are many variables to take into consideration including your hair texture,” shares Wella’s Brand Ambassador Andy LeCompte. “Much more goes into finding a look that suits someone than face shape—it’s more about hair type, hair texture, bone structure and also lifestyle—think how often you style your hair, do you consider your hair high or low maintenance etc. This is why it’s important to connect with a stylist that has great taste and someone you can feel confident speaking to that can point you in the right direction.”

Short Hair Works For Everyone
“Short hair is a huge trend now because it’s a different attitude from having longer hair,” says Myron Chin, Senior Stylist at John Barrett. “It’s modern, easy and chic—short (or shorter hair) for women must have two key words: feminine and edgy. Celebrities that have gorgeous short hair that are always admired are Halle Berry, Lisa Rinna Jennifer Lawrence, Pink, Julianne Hough and Victoria Beckham.”

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Create A Trimming Schedule
“I personally like to get my hair trimmed every four weeks,” shares TRESemmé Stylist, Jeanie Syfu. “I feel like short hair is very easy day-to-day but the maintenance is like clock work—the lines are more precise so to me it looks neater when your visits are more frequent. But, I think it’s a personal thing, some women can go [nearly] six weeks [without a trim]. I only recommend trimming bangs at home [not shaping your hair]. I suggest point cutting the hair [specifically the bangs] while holding it one to two fingers depth from the forehead.”

Disguise A Dry Scalp
“The best way to disguise dry scalp is to wear hairstyles that don’t show your scalp, like bangs,” says Ursula Stephen, Celebrity Stylist for Motions Hair Care. “To get rid of dry scalp you should use products like the Motions Hair and Scalp Balm. This will soothe the scalp and keep the dryness to a minimum.”

Reverse Heat Damage with Ease
“If using hot tools is inevitable for you, then I suggest doing your best to repair your hair using products that hydrate, moisturize and restore keratin,” explains LeCompte. “There’s nothing better than the LuxeOil Collection from Wella Professionals. There’s a million ways that you can use these products to help repair damage. Before you work out, go to the beach or even to bed, apply five to seven pumps of Wella Professionals LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir as a mini conditioning treatment. You can also add 1 pump of oil to your ends to help lock in moisture before blow drying or even mix it with Wella’s Reconstructing Mask then leave on for 10 to 15 minutes in a warm damp towel for a salon-inspired treatment.”

Manage Your Hair Texture
“Women with fine hair needs to have more of a blunt cut method to make the hair appear thicker and fuller without over-feathering strands,” recommends Chin. “Thicker hair needs the same attention only more texturizing for the hair to have a balance of bulk and face framing effects. Additionally, pomades, texture creams and styling lotions can be used to create and separate hair for texture.”

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Pick The Right Products
“Dry shampoo is always great to have on hand,” shares Syfu. “I also find mousse gives short hair texture and a pomade or styling creme can define pieces as short hair—especially if it’s freshly washed—can lack shape. My fave is the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done line! It gives the right amount of texture and control for shorter lengths.”

And…Use The Right Amount
“The amount of product depends on how short and thick your hair is,” cautions Stephen who has worked with hair chameleon, Rihanna. “Start by adding about a blueberry-sized amount then work your way up depending on your hair. You can always start at the back of the hair or underneath so that the product will be evenly dispersed once you work your way to the front. I like the Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade which is great for smoothing down edges and fly-aways for girls with textured hair.”

Don’t Over Wash Your Hair
“Generally I would say wash and condition every two to three days,” shares LeCompte. “Sometimes over cleansing causes you to produce more oil on your scalp, so washing less can balance your scalp to produce less oils. I also recommend Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo—its sulfate-free and is a great way to cleanse without stripping out the hair’s natural luster.”