Expert Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Cheekbones

Emily Rekstis
Girl with cat eye


High, pronounced cheekbones don’t only make pictures sans filter better, but they can also create gorgeous slimming facial features. However, we aren’t all blessed with Karlie Kloss’ supermodel cheekbones. So we fake it. Just a little extra makeup can go a long way to create an illusion of defined sharp cheekbones.

Celebrity makeup artist Justin Tyme gives us tips and tricks on how to simply enhance your cheekbones for a more picture-ready look.

Products you need to start

“The best sculpting products I have found are cream or fluid bronzers and blush,” explains Tyme. The cream-colored products allow for very sheer application so you can blend and build to color without over doing. Tyme recommends Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel for a matte cream bronzer paired with Armani’s Fluid Sheer, a lightweight fluid product.

As for brushes, Tyme likes to work with dual fiber brushes, which is a mix of synthetic and animal hair. “It gives you a sheer airbrushed finish no matter the product.” This way you can apply just the right amount of color. Just in case, after loading your brushes with product, buff it slightly on the back of your hand.

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After applying your foundation and moisturizer, using a brush, lightly glaze a small amount of fluid highlighter on and above the apples of your cheeks to the ear, center of forehead and chin. Tyme emphasizes the importance of blending the highlighter in each area.


Find the start of your cheekbone and inch below that point. Then, blend a small amount of cream bronzer along that line down to the apples of your cheek. Since you are sculpting your cheeks with the bronzer, Tyme explains that you don’t want any light or shimmer in the product. This is why the matte finish is the best when creating depth.


Smile and apply your favorite blush to the apples of your cheek using your middle finger. Then lightly blend without pulling the color back too far. “We don’t really ‘blush’ naturally past the apples of the cheeks,” says Tyme. So keep the blush naturally solely on the apples of your cheeks.

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