Tricks To Disguise Thinning Hair


With the introduction of anti-aging hair products, the issue of women’s thinning hair is finally getting the attention it deserves. Whether your hair thins as you age or you experience thinning your twenties (called alopecia, the condition is triggered by genetics and even bad nutrition choices), there are simple cuts, coloring techniques and styling tricks that can disguise sparse strands. We caught up with Diane Stevens, Lead Stylist for Nioxin (the brand known for treating hair thinning) on how she camouflages thinning hair on her clients.

Go Ombré
Starting with a darker base and slowly getting lighter towards the ends creates the visual effect of thicker hair at the tips. Go one or two shades lighter at the base for a subtle color change.

Add Multidimensional Color
Create movement and the illusion of fullness with this color trick. “Have your stylist use different tones and levels to create a soft, multidimensional look,” Stevens says. “Oftentimes, I use three different formulas to do so. I use one shade that is my client’s natural base color, one that is slightly lighter and a third that is slightly darker. This creates a look that includes a play of light and dark shadows.” However, she warms against too many highlights. This draws attention to thinning hair at the roots.

Create Volume With Your Cut
Adding layers throughout the hair creates lift, volume and movement. Stevens recommends a strong bang with soft layers like Michelle Obama’s or a side swoop fringe with soft layers like Jennifer Lawrence‘s. These styles “give the cut a much denser appearance and will make the hair look less fine and fragile,” she says.

Style It Right
“For instant volume, I love to start with Nioxin DiaMax ($50,, a leave-in scalp treatment that actually increases the diameter of each hair strand,” Stevens says. She recommends creating long-lasting shape by setting hair with hot rollers or pin curls. “Gradually layer in styling product and add as needed to achieve the desired result.” She also advises to not over-dry because hair will lose its manageability and fall flat.

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