Tricks to Help Makeup Stay Put

Aly Walansky
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Whether it’s the hot summer months or the dead of winter, our makeup has a tendency to smudge, melt, and redistribute. Nobody likes to see their makeup move—it’s gross and frustrating. Here are the best tips to keep it where it belongs, so you’re always photo-ready.

Cleanse Well
Makeup often melts off because of the oil on your skin. Your best bet is to start off with fresh, clean skin. If your skin veers toward oily, try to find a cleanser that absorbs oils. We’re obsessed with Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser ($35,

Layer Carefully
“After moisturizing, make sure to apply a primer before applying foundation. Primers help mask large pores, even out the complexion, and create a smooth canvas for the makeup. After applying makeup, remember to seal your cream-based makeup with powder,” says celebrity makeup artist Julia Papworth.

Apply with Care
“Cream makeup will continue to move until powdered—use either a brush or powder puff to dust on translucent no color powder,” says Papworth.

Prime Your Eyes
Primer is always your friend. Just as you primed your skin, be sure to use an eye primer before placing your shadow. This will help it to stay in place and not leak down to your cheek throughout the day. Try Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($12,

Stay Cool and Dry
Blot shine throughout the day if you have any. Remember also to keep the A/C turned up to avoid humidity, which will kill your hair and makeup, says Wendy Lewis of

Go Faux with Lashes
While a girl may look naked without her mascara, lash extensions are a way to have your gorgeous, dark lashes stay put for weeks at a time. You even wake up groomed! Our most recent extensions are from The Lash Loft in New York City. Three weeks later, they are still going strong.

Hands Off
Stop touching your face! Makeup can hold up fairly well, but if you are continually resting your cheek in your hands, the opposite will happen.

Stay Kiss-Proof
Use a touch of concealer or powder as a base before applying lip liner that is not too creamy, and a matte or low gloss lip color that will last longer, says Lewis.

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