6 MacGyver Tricks for Hairspray

Megan Segura

Toronto Fashion Week


Hairspray — a product so good they made a musical about it. Turns out, though, that hairspray can do a lot more than make your style last for hours. Read on to find out all the little ways you can repurpose your favorite mist.

Hairspray = Stocking Saver
If your pantyhose get a run, spray some hairspray onto the tear to keep it from spreading. This method is less messy than using clear nail polish.

Hairspray = Makeup Setter
Not that we recommend it, but walking through a mist of hairspray can help set your makeup. Want a less toxic option? Try Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ($29, sephora.com).

Hairspray = Lint Remover
Covered in cat hair or lint? Spray hairspray onto a cloth, then rub the cloth over clothes and furniture to get the offending lint off.

Hairspray = Eraser
Ever write on a dry erase board only to realize it was a permanent marker you used? Hurry and spray the writing with hairspray to help get the stain out.

Hairspray = Flower Preserver
To help your bouquet of cut flowers stay prettier longer, mist them with hairspray. Just make sure to stand a foot away from the flowers to avoid creating clumps.

Hairspray = Makeup Remover
If you happen to get your bright pink lipstick on your shirt, spray the stain, wait a few minutes, and then wipe off.

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