15 Trendy Workout Classes That Will Make You Feel Stronger

15 Trendy Workout Classes That Will Make You Feel Stronger
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Trends come and go, but staying fit and healthy will always be in style. However, what makes a workout class trendy today goes way past a well-designed studio, good music and a new approach to fitness. To last past being known as a fad, group exercise classes have to work with a large number of people’s fitness styles.

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A 90-minute hot yoga class isn’t for everyone, but a 60-minute heated vinyasa class with hip-hop music? That might incentivize more people to try it. A boxing class with great music and no fear of getting beat up? Sign us up. Classes are all about setting an appropriate level of comfort in the beginning and then pushing you throughout, and the group setting makes you feel less singled out and creates a community.

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Instagram, of course, upped the pressure to have a social-media-friendly workout space, so you will often see at least one fun neon sign and more art in these fitness studios. People want to sweat, but now they also want to be in a space that is pleasing to look at and, at the same time, inspirational. And with so many cute athletic and athleisure brands, we deserve an aesthetically pleasing place to take selfies in our colorful leggings, pre or post-workout.

Click through to find your new favorite workout, from long-standing favorites to boutique studio classes!

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305 Fitness

If you love dancing in the club or just want a fun workout that makes you feel oh-so good, then you will love 305 Fitness. Inspired by the Miami dance scene, 305 is famous for its cardio classes, which have live DJs cranking out tunes while you twerk with an energetic and supportive instructor. Don't worry if you're not super confident dancing; it also offers a cardio basics class, which goes over the choreography with beginners in mind. First-timers get a second class for free!

Locations: New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington D.C.

Photo: Instagram/@305fitness

Contrary to the name, you absolutely do not have to be a model to work out at ModelFit, though, you may have some in your group classes. The sculpt classes are similar to Pilates in that they include low-impact moves to tone the body. Oh, and the music is always great.

Locations: New York City and Los Angeles

Photo: Instagram/@modelfit
Y7 Studio

At Y7, prepare to sweat while doing hot yoga to the music of A$AP Rocky, Missy Elliott and Frank Ocean. This studio offers one-hour WeFlowHard vinyasa classes, and on Wednesdays and Sundays, it features a different hip-hop artist throughout your flow. The room is heated to 80–90 degrees, and mats and towels are available to rent.

Locations: New York City and Los Angeles

Photo: Instagram/@y7studio
Rumble Boxing

A favorite workout of Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and David Beckham, Rumble Boxing combines strength training with boxing-bag work. There are no partners in this class, like some other boxing studios, so you don't have to worry about getting hit if you're not experienced. The music is loud and fast to hype you up, and gloves are available to rent, but you'll get your own wraps at no charge.

Locations: New York and Los Angeles

Photo: Instagram/@rumble_boxing
Gotham Gym

A favorite among Victoria's Secret models, Gotham incorporates boxing with a bit of cardio. In a group class, you will partner off, so show your partner what you're made of!

Locations: New York

Photo: Instagram/@gothamgym

MNSTR CYCLE is a Spin class that plays music videos to songs curated by the instructors, so if you're in an instructor's class who loves EDM, that's what you'll be watching and Spinning to. You work out in a dark lit room and ride the whole class with a small weight break near the end. A recent class featured all Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, and SZA music, which sounds so ideal!

Locations: New York City

Photo: Instagram/@themonstercycle
Box + Flow

Box + Flow combines boxing and yoga. In a 55-minute class, you start with a cardio warm-up, then move into boxing rounds and finish off with some downward dogs. Also, the music is perfect to punch a bag to and flow through. New members get a two-for-one deal!

Locations: New York City

Photo: Instagram/@boxandflow

EverybodyFights sounds aggressive, but it is for everyone. It works on boxing, circuit training, running and yoga. You can choose whatever class appeals to you or try them all! The BAGS class is 50 minutes of boxing combinations and techniques, while the FLOW class is a 30-minute recovery yoga class.

Locations: New York, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Illinois and Philadelphia (coming soon)

Photo: Instagram/@everybodyfights

A surf-inspired workout done on a balancing "surf" board, SURFSET is for all levels (there's a beginner class for newcomers) and has been around since 2011. The class is great for coordination, balance and core work, and you will feel ready to hit the waves right after.

Locations: USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Chile, Portugal, Spain, Israel, Serbia, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Japan

Photo: Instagram/@surfsetfitness

Overthrow brings the vibe of an underground boxing gym to the city. It offers private training and group classes. In a class, you will partner off, so bring a friend! You also do bag work, but depending on class size, you might be sharing that bag and really have to punch with your weight. After class, you'll feel tougher than when you walked in.

Locations: New York City

Photo: Instagram/@overthrownewyork
CorePower Yoga

These group yoga classes are great if you're just beginning to try yoga or if you're at an expert level. CorePower also has a great line of cozy apparel to get you to and from class. Also, for first-timers, your first week of CorePower is free!

Locations: New York, Arizona, Hawaii, California, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Ohio, Georgia, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington

Photo: Instagram/@corepoweryoga
Pop Physique

Pop Physique is an LA-inspired barre-type class, which first opened in 2008. The studios all have such a cute vibe with neon signs and fun wallpaper. The classes help with posture, toning and flexibility—and they are not as easy as the decor may lead you to believe. Your muscles will be tested.

Locations: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Marino and Toronto

Photo: Instagram/@popphysique
Orangetheory Fitness

This class tracks your workout and shows you the minutes spent in each heart-rate zone, amount of calories burned and your heart rate statistics. In a one-hour Orangetheory class, you will move through heart-rate-based interval training, which burns more calories post-workout than traditional exercise. First-timers can try for free!

Locations: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, U.K., China, Japan, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Kuwait, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Spain and U.A.E.

Photo: Instagram/@orangetheory
Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's has been around since 1998 and still remains one of the trendiest classes out there; that makes it a certified fitness staple. For those who still have not been, half of the class is running and half is weight training, and the music is always great. It is guaranteed to make you sweat and leave you feeling super accomplished.

Locations: USA, UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden, UAE, Italy and Australia

Photo: Instagram/@barrysbootcamp

This is the Spin class with a cult-like following and a great workout apparel line. For those of you who haven't tried it, SoulCycle is a 45-minute cycling class with strength training and on-beat choreography. With more than 82 studios, there are many opportunities to try it for yourself and see what all the hype is about.

Locations: U.S.A. and Canada

Photo: Instagram/@soulcycle

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