Trendy Tweezers


This morning WWD revealed that we can expect to trade in our trusty tweezers for a new and improved version, or two, when Tweezeman launches two new lines this year.

The Studio Collection, which will debut in May, is designed to give Tweezerman a luxury look. With an edited line of products in new modern packaging, the Studio Collection will be sold exclusively at cosmetics counters in high-end fashion stores, rather than at drugstores and beauty supply stores as most of its products are currently sold. There will even be a $100 Stainless Steel Slant Crystal Tweezer in Glorious Gold that I can only imagine will be fabulous.

In September, the line is expected to become even more fashionable with the launch of its Designer Series. Created in collaboration with designer Agatha Ruiz De la Prada, the series, consisting of three versions of Tweezerman’s signature slant tweezer decorated with either pink hearts, orange flowers, or blue clouds, is the company’s first partnership with a fashion designer.

I trust that seeing Glorious Gold or Agatha Ruiz De la Prada’s designs in the mirror will make tweezing my brows all the less painful.

Tweezerman Studio Collection, from $5 to $100; The Designer Series, $25; at