Summer Beauty Trends Your Man Will Love

Rachel Adler

Over this past SS10 season we’ve seen some pretty wacky trends trot down the runway and then unfortunately, replicated on the streets. From two-tone hair to bright pink eyeshadow (pink eye anyone?) all the way to bright orange Prada lips.

If we wanted to talk about ways to turn off your man, the orange popsicle lips certainly come to mind. Instead, we’re focusing on the summer beauty trends that will draw them in a bit closer. Below are our picks (and the most popular trends for when the temperature rises) for you to test out on your beau.

Natural Face
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Tommy Hilfiger SS10 Collection

We’ve all heard repeatedly that men like their women with little to no makeup but us girls rarely listen. We continue to get dolled up for our date nights and religiously apply lip gloss whenever our boyfriends call. Luckily, one of the big trends for the season is the “no makeup makeup” look. Of course, makeup is still required to even out your skin tone and cover up those dark circles, but try sticking to the bare minimum ladies it’s beauty advice that just might work, like reverse psychology! Just a touch of mascara and a pale lip and you’re ready for your man.

Big, Effortless Braids
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Alexander Wang SS10 collection

Again, the iconic braid has won us over. Since guys love a girl who’s willing to jump out of bed and head to brunch without so much as a shower (high maintenance, never!) and us girls need to know that we at least look socially acceptable, the braid is the quickest way to get out the door at an acceptable speed while still looking effortlessly chic. To get the look, sweep your hair to the side of your face and pull into a loose braid taking care to leave strands framing your face.

Beachy Waves
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Erin Wasson SS10 Collection

Going hand in hand with the loose braid, achieving the perfect wave (that Erin Wasson of course masters at her SS2010 show) is also a great trend that your man will be sure to love, and that many girls will envy. If you already have a curl to your hair, simply add a bit of Tresemme Ultra Fine Mist when damp, allow to air dry and work through your curls gently with your fingers. For straight hair, curl with a 1 inch curling iron (spray gently with hairspray for a slight hold) but again shake out the curls with your fingers until you get your desired wave.

Rosy Pink Cheeks
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Zac Posen SS10 Collection

Zac Posen’s doll-faced ladies had a flushed cheek walking down the runways, and this touch of makeup is something that no guy can resist. To get the look, cream blush works best. Use a light pink cream blush and apply to the apples of your cheeks blending outwards.

Nude Lips
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BCBG SS10 Collection

After seasons full of red lips (and plums, violets and fuschia) the nude lip has made a comeback. The men in our lives will love this softer shade (no more worries of red lip stains) and the barely there shade looks more relaxed and carefree for summertime. Try our favorite nude color of the moment by Urban Decay.

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