Runway Beauty: Volume Is Back!

Rachel Adler

The Fall 2010 shows was a serious head-to-head runway match-up of who’s hair could reach more death-defying heights. But amongst the sky-scraping looks, there were some real-life beauty tips to be had.

Hairstylists twisted the model’s hair into updos and pigtails, but still managed to keep that sexed up oomph that’ll turn the right heads. Granted, their volume only had to last a span of five minutes, but still! Below we show you what styles we’ll be taking to the streets this fall, and how to keep your hair from becoming gravity’s victim.

Center Part
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Jill Stuart FW 2010. Photo:

We’re not talking about any boring ‘ol center part here. Jill Stuart sent her models out with enough texture in their bedhead locks to take morning after beauty to a whole other level. The hair was also teased at the crown for an added boost and of course set with hairspray. We like industry favorite L’Oreal Elnett.

Side Ponytail
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Tracy Reese FW 2010. Photo:

The added fun to this side ponytail takes it from being a limp and boring ’80s rehash to vavavoom present day. If you already have curl or texture in your hair, this look is perfect for you and if not, use this style as a way to salvage day-old curls. Make sure to tie the ponytail low on the side of your neck and keep it loose to get the look.

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Betsey Johnson FW 2010. Photo:

We know when you think of pigtails you (like us) may get horrible flashbacks of little boys pulling on your strands in kindergarten, but this style has matured over the years. The always fun Betsey Johnson had extra volume in various ways on her models, but our particular favorite was the pigtails. To take this look to the street, we suggest toning down the ratty factor just a tad, but maintaining the volume. Backcomb your entire head of hair (after blow drying) and tie into low pigtails.

French Twist
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Lela Rose FW 2010. Photo:

Taking updo’s to new heights, Lela Rose showed us a new spin on the classic French twist. If you want to take your look to a new level (without risking teeter-totter 5-inch heels), try styling your hair into a classic French twist that’s a little loose on top. Then with a teasing comb, carefully pull the hair up from the crown until you reach the desired height. Spray with hairspray to hold!

Combed Back
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Chanel FW2010. Photo:

This backcombed, straight-from-a-great-run-down-the-ski-slope style is a great way to show off what guys really want to see: your face. instead of taking it to such heights as the girls on Chanel’s runway, flip your head upside down after you tease your strands and spray with hairspray. This should give it the extra hold and volume you need. You can also add an accessory such as a headband or jeweled clip for extra staying power!

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