Beauty Evolution: Natalie Portman’s Best Looks Over The Years

Rachel Adler
Beauty Evolution: Natalie Portman’s Best Looks Over The Years
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I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t like Natalie Portman. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that she has somehow combined everyone’s fantasy of effortless beauty and brains. The fashion starlet has also been quite the chameleon, changing her look from an innocent fresh-faced beauty to a shockingly closely cropped buzz cut. We spoke with her makeup artist, and Stila creator, Jeanine Lobell as well as her colorist Marie Robinson to walk us through the beauty flip-book of the past few years. Follow her transformation in the slide show above!

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1996: The porcelain skinned 15-year-old has always been a fresh faced beauty, with long lashes and naturally brown hair.

1998: At the premiere of Saving Private Ryan, Natalie again arrived with minimal makeup and a bit of a natural lip stain.

1999: Making her debut in Star Wars Episode 1 at 18, Jeanine added light mascara and a nude mouth to complement her darker hued hair, which according to her colorist Marie Robinson "created a bit of mystery and a sexier look."

2000: Wearing her hair naturally curly, the 19-year-old Portman showed off flushed cheeks and a slightly pink lip for the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards.

2002: Keeping her curly strands (and adding a few braids for a boho look), the flushed cheeks and white shadow at the inner corners of the eye complete her "hippie girl" look according to Lobell.

2003: Drastically shortening her locks, Portman showed off this '20s style, created by stylist Danilo. Lobell embellished her brows and gave her a shinier, stronger lip – "a real kind of rosebud lip."

2004: 23-year-old Portman goes back to long locks with a straight style (and bangs!), but leaving her makeup minimal.

2005: At the Cannes Film Festival, Portman revealed a shortly cropped 'do (for her role in V for Vendetta), and a smoky eye and nude lip to complete the look.

2006: On the red carpet at the Globes, Portman's pixie cut drew all attention to her bold brows, long lashes and pale pink lips. Lobell aimed for a "young and pixie girl but not sexy" look.

2007: For 26-year-old Portman's Paris Je T'aime premiere, she mimicked a modern Audrey Hepburn with a twist.

2008: At the Cannes Film Festival, Portman stepped out with a sexy smoldering eye to complement her honey-hued hair, which colorist Robinson described as "not only having a natural quality but a youthful one."

2008: Also at Cannes, Portman shows off a bright red lip with a smoky eye for a sexy but romantic look.

2009: Possibly her most iconic look of all time, Lobell said "we took total inspiration from the Rodarte dress and did a purplish smoky eye. We wanted it to be pretty but a little edgier for the Oscars."

2010: At the Black Swan premiere, 28-year-old Portman showed off another sultry look with smoldering eyes, pale lips and pink cheeks.

2010: Portman's natural looking, bright highlights around her face and at the ends of the hair give her waves a very romantic style. Lobell balanced the soft hair and dress with a "rock and roll inspired black/grey eye and a shiny mauve lip to break out from the nude matte mouths of the past."

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