The Hair, Skin and Makeup Trends That Will Dominate 2018

The Hair, Skin and Makeup Trends That Will Dominate 2018
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“Out with the old and in with the new” has always been our end-of-year beauty mantra. With just weeks left in 2017, we’ve already started making room on our vanities and bathroom sinks for whatever 2018 will bring. Over the past few months alone, there have been so many innovations, new brands, and inventive red carpet trends to try—but according to experts, some of them already feel dated. (Is your head spinning? Same.)

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If you’re struggling to keep up like us, you’re in the right place. We chatted with some of the beauty industry’s top hair, skin and makeup pros to get their personal, insider beauty predictions. Ahead, we’ve highlighted 10 that we think will truly take off on the red carpet, runway, and in real life after the ball drops.

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STYLECASTER | Beauty Trends 2018 | Makeup
Makeup: Less Cake, More Skin
Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta, whose client list includes beauties like Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen and Olivia Munn, thinks the 2018 trend will be "beautiful, natural skin."

He says, "We will be seeing a lot less caked on foundation and more focus on embracing your natural features. I personally love seeing someone’s freckles shine through their makeup! To this effect, ​I think we’re going to be seeing the heavy highlight start to disappear."

To achieve that fresh glow, he recommends focusing on skin prep and trading in your heavy powders for a liquid formula.
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STYLECASTER | Beauty Trends 2018 | Multi-Taskers
Skin: Multi-tasking Products

Say goodbye to your 10-step skin care routine in the New Year. According to dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo, 2018 will be all about consolidating.

"One of the trends that we’re seeing in 2018 is products that multitask. Everyone is pressed for time, so when you find a product that can do two things at the same time, in the same application, it’s priceless. Skinbetter AlphaRet is one of these products. It combines alpha hydroxy and retinol, two powerful ingredients that help renew collagen and diminish fine lines and wrinkles."

Photo: Skinbetter AlphaRet
Hair: Accessories

Makeup may be toned down in 2018, but our hair will be a different story. Celebrity hairstylist and OAUI Haircare founder Jen Atkin predicts hair accessories leaving a major mark.

"It’s such a simple way to upgrade your look or for taking your hair from day to night. They’re perfect for the glam girl that likes to dress things up or for the low maintenance gal that wants something fast to dress up her look. and short hair isn’t going ANYWHERE!"

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STYLECASTER | Beauty Trends 2018 | Blush and Glitter
Makeup: Statement Blush and Glitter

For some of us, 2018 will be all about making a bolder statement with our makeup. According to celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman, blush and anything metallic will replace the tired contouring trend.

"I’m seeing a return to embracing of the natural face shape and an emphasis on blush. I think we will be seeing brighter, statement blushes and more creativity in the placement. I think we will see it not just in the cheekbones and apples, but high up on the cheekbone, connecting to the eyeshadow."

She also says, "With metallic textures reigning 2017, I think we will see the shine be taken further- into glitter. Glittering eyelids will be prevalent and we will likely see more glitter lips as well."


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STYLECASTER | Beauty Trends 2018 | Blonde Hair
Hair Color: Blonde, Blonde and More Blonde

Selena Gomez is leading the charge in what is bound to be a huge 2018 trend: blonde hair. According to celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez, who works with A-listers like Alicia Keys, Dascha Polanco and more, anyone wearing this color should "keep the roots dark and the length a warm golden blonde."

And if you really want to up the ante, add a set of wispy bangs. "This is the ultimate cool girl accessory as it’s a 2 in 1 hairstyle," she says. "The tapered fringe can be worn down with layers framing your face or can be worn with your hair up so you get more of a bang effect. Air drying this cut/ style is best for the second day 'too cool to style my hair'  look."


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STYLECASTER | Beauty Trends 2018 |
Natural Beauty: Superfood Ingredients

Rachel Winard of Soapwalla sees food-grade powerhouse ingredients continuing their reign in the New Year.

"I think we'll continue to see the trend of superfoods as powerhouse ingredients in our skincare (think chia seed, chlorophyll, sea vegetables, probiotics), she says. "These ingredients are chock full of vitamins and minerals, and have been shown to have unparalleled benefits when applied topically as well as internally. See: Soapwalla's Citrus Almond Body Oil (chia) and Phosphorescence Facial Mask (chlorophyll and algae)."

STYLECASTER | Beauty Trends 2018 | Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty Reigns

Non-invasive cosmetic surgeries were all the rage in 2017, and that same trend will continue in the New Year.

Plastic surgeon Randall Feingold, MD predicts a rise in more gentler forms of rhinoplasty (i.e. nose jobs).

"Our practice, believes the Ultrasonic (piezoelectric) Rhinoplasty is going to be a huge trend for 2018. It's a newer device in the United States, but I was actually one of the first plastic surgeons to use it in the country. After using it for about a year now, I'm noticing it's gaining favor among my patients and other surgeons. I find it's a better alternative to a traditional rhinoplasty, it's more gentle, and I'm able to provide precise nasal contouring with minimal trauma, which means less bruising and downtime for patients in the end."
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Natural Hair: Cuts and Color

According to Teneya Gholston, Marketing Director for Creme of Nature, curly girls will be all about exploring hair color and bold new shapes.

"The natural curlfriend is looking for more dimension and details in her color to show off her color. We’ll see more 3D Color Smash Color rather than traditional highlights and all over color as the next big thing."

(Pro-tip: When you color with 3D Color Smash, use one color as your base and two other colors to create dimension similar to an elevated balayage.)

She also says, "Naturally curly women will begin to see that their curls need to be shaped and opt for cute styles over length. We’ll see women rocking more wedge cuts and bobs."

Photo: Instagram/@daynabolden
STYLECASTER | Beauty Trends 2018 | Self-Care
Wellness: Personalized Self-Care

With all that's happening in the news and around our country, Shrankhla Holecek, Founder of UMA Oils and Ayurvedic Expert, sees 2018 as the year we'll finally stop looking at self-care as a fad.

"Wellness will - and should - mean different things to different people, and I believe more and more of us will start defining what that means for us individually," she says.

"People will start further exploring whether they like meditating at a studio, or to an app, or not meditating at all. From what foods uplift you vs. not (e.g., I don't believe avocados are good for every body) to what self-care means to you as an individual - are questions that people will be asking (and answering) of themselves, which will undoubtedly lead to a lot of discovery, balance and joy ultimately."

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STYLECASTER | Beauty Trends 2018 | Moringa Oil
Skin: A New Oil to Obsess Over

Move over, argan and coconut! According to Emily Cunningham, co-founder of True Moringa moringa oil is on the rise as the next big beauty ingredient.

"Similar to the oil your skin produces naturally, moringa is lightweight and easily absorbed, balancing oily skin and deeply nourishing and protecting dry skin. Not only is moringa an ideal multi-tasking face, hair, and body moisturizer - it's incredibly sustainable to cultivate, providing fair wages and preventing deforestation and malnutrition in the communities where it's grown," she says.

Photo: True Moringa
Natural Hair: Self-Love and Self-Care

According to Jamyla Bennu, Creator and Mixtress of Oyin Handmade, we'll also see a lot of naturalistas getting back to basics and prioritizing healthy habits as part of their daily routine.

“For 2018, I believe #selfcare and #selflove will be in full effect. We see an increase in taking care and treating your natural hair with love happening in the next year. A great hair style begins with embracing and taking care of your locs, with love. Our belief at Oyin Handmade is to create products that not only help create an amazing hairstyle, but also care and nourish your hair with products that help cleanse and hydrate."

Photo: Instagram/@oyinhandmade

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