The Nail Polish That Gave Me the Best At-Home Mani of My Life

Caitlin S. Miller
treat collection review

Photo: Treat

I’ve never been very good at doing my nails. When all my friends started wearing polish in middle school, I was the girl who casually would go weeks with one polish color on her nails simply because she was too lazy to take it off. (I know what you’re thinking, and yes, my polish was chipped.) When I became a beauty editor, having a perfectly groomed manicure was a necessity. Personally, I usually avoided doing my nails at home because something always seemed to go wrong. Either the color would be too thick, it would bleed and get everywhere (even my palms), or it simply wouldn’t dry and I’d wakeup the next morning with imprints of my bedsheets on my nails. Not quite the look I was going for. So I resorted to visiting the salon when I wanted pretty tips—or I’d simply claim “I’m giving my nails a break”—and go bare. (This really meant I was too scared/unskilled to paint them at home.) But enter Treat Collection Nail Polish ($18 each, to completely change my mind about the at-home mani.

The luxe line of nail polishes hails from Berlin and is 5-free and gluten-free, a big bonus in my book. If there’s anything working in beauty has taught me, it’s the fewer the ingredients, the better. Treat’s Base Coat ($18, is milky and smooth and made my nails the perfect canvas for color. Upon first application, I was impressed at how little the polish ran. It didn’t glob, goop, or otherwise do anything it wasn’t supposed to. It stayed exactly where I brushed it and didn’t bleed. Considering I don’t think I somehow became skilled in the art of manicuring, it must be due to Treat’s amazing formula.

Like most nail polishes, two coats were needed to achieve the color featured in the bottle. (I’m a fan of Delicious, a dark, creamy taupe that definitely needs two coats to master full effect.) After the color was applied (and didn’t wind up on my legs—yes, that actually has happened before), I used the Fast Drying Top Coat ($18, to make sure my mani lasted the next day a.k.a. lasted long enough so I could brag about it to my coworker. And just as the name said, the top coat dried quickly!

Another stellar feature about this brand is the amazing array of colors. From a deep bordeaux like Date Night to a vacation-ready hue like Outdoors, this collection has a number of vibrant yet classy options.

To say I’m an at-home mani convert is an understatement. I secretly wish my mani would chip just so I can repaint my nails again. (I’m on day five of mani perfection.) And let me tell you, for someone who is convinced nail polish is her enemy (seriously, how does nail polish get on your leg?) this is something special.

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