Beauty Problems You Always Face When Traveling—And How to Fix Them

Anya Mer
Traveling girl

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Summer is all about travel – discovering new places, trying new foods and (of course) soaking up the sun. But while traveling is exciting, it can also take a toll on our bodies. From sunburn to skin issues, there are a whole heap of beauty problems we face when on the road. Luckily, every problem we face in life always has a solution. So, whether your ideal vacation is spent exploring an Italian art gallery or laying out on a beach in the Hamptons, make sure to check out our quick fixes to your vacationing beauty woes.

After a long day lounging in the sun, in the hopes of sun-kissed perfection, you realize that you may have over done it. Instead of that coveted caramel glow, you’re left flushed, sore and burnt to a crisp (ouch!).
Solution: Keep things cool! Sunburns can be extremely painful, especially when cared for incorrectly. Jump into a cold shower to help immediately soothe a fresh burn. Stay away from harsh exfoliators and body scrubs (these will aggravate burns) and instead just rinse any burned areas with a gentle body wash and cool water. Follow up with an aloe-infused after-sun balm or lotion to help soothe the area. Plus don’t forget to take extra caution when treating burns in sensitive areas (did you know you could burn your scalp?!).

Airplanes are not skin-friendly places. The lack of oxygen and moisture in the air causes skin to overcompensate for dryness by producing excess oil and causing breakouts.
Solution: Stick to your regular beauty regimen. Just because you’re 5000 feet off the ground doesn’t mean you cast aside your tried and true products. Keep skin clean while on board a long flight (especially if it’s overnight!) and apply all your regular pre-bedtime serums/creams and top it off with a noncomedogenic moisturizer. If your skin needs a little extra pick-me-up, try rehydrating skin with a brightening on-the-go sheet mask – believe us, your skin will thank you in the morning!

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While glowing skin is totally in this summer, greasy-looking skin is not. Long days in the dry summer sun inevitably cause our skin to produce sweat and excess oil, often leaving us looking a little more ‘slick’ than we’d like. 
Put the powder down. Layering mattifying powders over already oily skin will only clog pores further and cause breakouts. Instead, opt for oil absorbing sheets to help blot away excess shine. Start your day by prepping skin with a non-greasy sunscreen and moisturizer to help control oil production throughout the day. The last thing you want to be worrying about on vacation is touch-ups! Set makeup with an oil controlling setting spray (like Urban Decay’s All Nighter) to keep oil at bay and makeup looking fresh all day.

Greasy Hair
New city, new water. The result? Greasy, lifeless locks that need reviving. 
Restore volume. Greasy, flat hair is often the result of ‘soft’ water or (more specifically) sodium ion treated water. To combat the effect of the water on tresses, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to restore body to the hair. Follow up with a volumizing mousse (avoid roots for excess product buildup) and blow dry hair upside down for added body. If your hair tends to fall flat during the day, touch up with dry shampoo to help absorb any excess oil and keep your roots looking clean for longer between washes.

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Flaky, Dry Skin
Like we already mentioned, flying can really mess with our skin. A lack of cabin moisture can leave our skin feeling (and looking) parched. 
Hydration is key. As redundant as this may sound, the best thing you can do for your skin is keep your body hydrated, especially when flying. Make sure to keep a water bottle with you at all times and avoid overly dehydrating foods like salted peanuts and alcohol. To keep skin feeling fresh and hydrated, carry a face mist on-board and spritz whenever needed!

Puffy, Red Eyes
As much fun as traveling is, jet lag is definitely not. Sleepless nights can take a real toll on our bodies, leaving us not only feeling, but looking exhausted.
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Restoring moisture to both your eyes (think lubricating eyes drops) and your under eye area will definitively help reduce the appearance of tired eyes. Keep your under eye area well hydrated and opt for cooling eye patches to help reduce puffiness. If necessary, follow up with a light neutralizing concealer to help reduce the appearance of any dark circles.