We Tried It: Trampoline Fitness Class

Shannon Farrell

If only working out didn’t feel like a chore, we’d do it more, right? Then how about a class that incorporates a favorite childhood pastime…like jumping on the trampoline? Yes, incorporating individual trampolines into workouts is the latest fitness craze, and for good reason: it’s damn fun. That’s right; it’s a workout that offers incredible results, yet it doesn’t feel like work. Intrigued? I had the opportunity to try a class myself—TrampoLEAN at Dany Studios in Manhattan, the original and the best—and see if this trampoline workout plan is all it’s cracked up to be.

Without giving too much away: Yes. Yes, it is. Here’s what I learned.

It’s a full-body workout.
My legs weren’t the only ones working hard. Louis Coraggio, TrampoLEAN’s CEO, offers many variations of the class that incorporate targeted exercises for the abs and butt. Throughout my class, we not only jumped, but lifted our arms, used sand bag weights and performed a few series of planks. My arms were feeling it towards the end!

TrampoLEAN class NYC

With Louis Coraggio; I’m performing a knee-tuck with press, one of many moves you’ll learn during TrampoLEAN. (Photo: Shannon Farrell)

It takes coordination.
Jumping on the trampoline as a kid, I didn’t think too much about how I was lifting my legs or where my arms were swaying. To get the full impact of the workout, you need to be mindful of these movements. The feet aren’t supposed to kick back, but to stay in a 90 degree angle with the knees. As a runner, I pride myself in good stamina, but when it comes to coordination and balance (two integrals in this workout!), I would need a few classes to get it right. But don’t worry: it’s a no-judgment zone. The class has a fun, energetic feel to it, so I was able to let go of performance expectations. Your form is important, but like with anything, practice makes perfect.

You don’t need to be in amazing shape.
Although the class is high intensity and is led by an instructor, you have the freedom to go at your own pace. “I always tell people that they are in the driver’s seat for their own intensity level,” Coraggio says. As a newbie, I followed each movement, but went at a slower pace to focus on perfecting my form and preventing injury. Because the trampoline is so small, it’s important to be mindful of foot placement so you don’t slide off!

It’s cardio, interval training and muscular toning all-in-one.
This class could honestly be your only means of working out—it’s got it all! “The majority of the class keeps the heart rate up to keep cardio endurance training active,” says Coraggio. “Muscular toning is used with body weight, sand bag weights and elastic bands. HiiT (high intensity interval training) is utilized by using short bursts of explosive exercises.” He recommends students take the class three times per week, and you can expect an average calorie burn of 400-600 calories per 50-minute class.

trampoline workout

The author does a side-lunge at TrampoLEAN class. (Photo: Shannon Farrell)

It’s perfect if you’re injury-prone.
“It’s all low impact,” says Coraggio. “It doesn’t have the impact of running.” Which, of course, means that it actually preserve your joints. The trampoline works with you, helping to propel the body in motion. You literally have that extra swing in your step.

The results are physical and mental.
It may not have the calming effect of yoga, but TrampoLEAN works both the mind and body too. “Many people have told me they felt more energized and mentally sharper within a few days. We use many balance and bi lateral movement, which works both parts of your brain which improves cognitive function quite quickly.”

It can even replace your detox cleanse.
“Trampoline training/rebounding is the best detoxing exercise due to the vertical acceleration/deceleration,” says Coraggio. “This shakes up your lymphatic fluid, allowing your body to remove wasteful lymphatic fluid.” He claims that the effects are a stronger immune system and increased energy levels.

I can’t speak for my immune system, but while most Fridays leave me feeling spent, I left my evening class feeling revived and refreshed. Power naps be damned: I’m all about trampolines now.

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