Trader Joe’s Just Launched Two Rose Water Skin Care Products

Trader Joe’s Just Launched Two Rose Water Skin Care Products
Photo: ImaxTree

Although we’re not fond of standing in long lines at the grocery store, Trader Joe’s has become our one-stop-shop for food and beauty products. At first glance, it may seem like a strange shopping combo, but anyone who frequents the budget-friendly grocer knows its hair and skin section is just as epic as the food selection.

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And in recent years, we’ve become well-acquainted with its cheap, but healthy offerings, like essential oil-based moisturizer and the cult favorite Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo. Now, it’s diving headfirst into the world of rose water with not one, but two new products; a rose facial oil and rose water toner, both priced at $4 according to Well & Good.

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Besides the cheap price tag, shoppers will be happy to know that the formula doesn’t compromise the prime benefits of rose water. Per Trader Joe’s website, the toner is made with Damask rose water, witch hazel and soapbark. The combination of these ingredients gently exfoliate (witch hazel) and soften (soapbark, rose water) cleansed skin without drying it out.

If anyone tells you ballin’ on a budget is unrealistic, kindly direct them to the skin care section of Trader Joe’s, because it’s certainly giving pricier destinations a run for their money.