Tous’s New Fragrance Inspired by Jewelry

Rachel Adler

Tous is launching the third perfume in their line of fragrances, a new “ecochic” perfume for women that is inspired by their H20 blue topaz jewelry collection.

The fragrance will suitably take the name H20, and according to Cosmetics International, the glass bottle that contains it is made up of 25% recycled glass.

The fragrance’s packaging and handling is carried out by the Special Employment Center of the Arco Iris Foundation using materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Intermon Oxfam to “provide drinking water for the people who need it most.”

As for the fragrance itself, it was developed by perfumer Sonia Constant, and is made up of organic alcohols such as lemon and lavender. It also contains touches of rose, jasmine, mandarin, cedar, white amber, and Australian sandalwood from sustainable development.

These pretty bottles can decorate your shelves, and help people in need…what are you waiting for?

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