Torrey DeVitto on Beauty, Health and Chicago Med

Alle Connell
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Photo: Rowan Daly

Ever since her days as Crazy Nanny Carrie on One Tree Hill, we’ve been roundly obsessed with Torrey DeVitto. Not only is she insanely talented, but totally drop-dead gorgeous—and when we got the chance to sit down and talk to her exclusively about all of her beauty secrets—and her brand new TV show—we naturally jumped at the chance.

To nobody’s surprise, Torrey is exactly as warm and lovely as you’d image—and couldn’t wait to talk about her new show, Chicago Med. “It takes place in a new ER in Chicago—the old one got blown up in an episode of Fire,” she told us. “So it’s a new ER, and it follows the characters and the action that comes in and out of the ER constantly.”

Though she couldn’t tell us too much about what to expect from the new drama, she did tell us a little about her character. “I play Dr. Natalie Manning. She’s a pediatrician, but she’s doing her residency in the ER, so she works on all patients. She’s very dedicated.”

And Torrey knows dedicated doctors when she plays them—this isn’t her first time in a medical role. “I mean, I’ve played a doctor before,” she said, laughing. “But Meredith Fell on Vampire Diaries just gave people vampire blood to cure them, so I don’t know how good of a doctor she really was!”

In between all the laughing we were doing, Torrey told us how important hair and makeup can be to an actor looking to get into character. “For me, it’s SO important. We have such a great hair and makeup team, and it really helped me find Natalie,” she said. “Natalie is someone who’s quite low-maintenance, so she wears light makeup—and as far as hair goes, it has to be up a lot, because I can’t have anything flying in my face while I’m doing emergency procedures! You gotta have that doctor look.”

And it turns out that this no-nonsense hair and makeup isn’t too far removed from Torrey’s preferred beauty look. Even though she’s known for her seriously glam red carpet moments, DeVitto says that generally speaking, she keeps things very simple. “On my own time, I don’t really wear face makeup,” she says. “I’ll do spot treatment with concealer if there’s things I want to cover, some blush—then some eye makeup if I’m going out at night, or I’ll just wear mascara during the day if I’m going out somewhere.”

torrey devitto

Photo: Rowan Daly

One of the reasons Torrey likes to stick to a low-key makeup routine on her off days is because TV makeup is pretty hardcore. “It’s full-coverage foundation when I’m at work,” she says. “Like, FULL. Because that’s TV! It looks natural on camera, but it’s a lot.” Because of that, Torrey is completely and totally obsessed with skincare—talk about a woman after our own hearts. “Washing your face is so important, especially for me because I wear so much makeup for work,” she says. “I try to keep my skin products all natural. There’s a product line called The Body Deli that I love…I also like 100% Pure Cosmetics, and Arcona. And they all are very natural—all organic.”

The results speak for themselves: you haven’t seen amazing skin until you’ve seen DeVitto’s. But it hasn’t always been that way. “I used to get really bad breakouts, like HUGE zits,” she said. “I’m vegan, but I was eating a lot of fried foods and pizza. When I started eating cleaner, my skin stopped breaking out. And I feel like with skincare, you can do so much with products—but if you don’t eat right, none of it matters.”

Another one of Torrey’s beauty secrets? Keeping her stress level down with meditation. “It gives you that calm feeling, that accepting feeling, of who you are and what you are,” she says. “You gotta do these things—eat right, get enough sleep, meditate—and treat your body right. Everything else comes from that.”

This ‘from the inside, out’ philosophy permeates everything Torrey believes about beauty. “You have to be comfortable in your own skin,” she says. “As soon as you start getting obsessed with COVERING UP and HOW YOU LOOK, you get into this race to be perfect—but you’re just racing against yourself. Beauty is about taking care of yourself and letting your skin breathe, and being happy with what you’ve landed on this earth with. It’s about embracing your imperfections and giving yourself permission to feel okay.”

Wise words from a seriously wise—and gorgeous—woman. Chicago Med premieres on November 17th at 9/8c; we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to watch.

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