The 10 Most Creatively Packaged Cosmetics

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The 10 Most Creatively Packaged Cosmetics
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When you are looking for cosmetic products, I’m sure that packaging isn’t the first thing you think about. It might grab your eye, but when it comes down to it you are really just wondering if the product works or not. Even though you may not pay that much attention to the packaging of a product, it really can make or break it. We rounded up some of the top cosmetic package designs that really stand out.

There are brands that offer products with elaborate and colorful packaging, while others tend to be more simplistic in design. The British brand Topshop went with a hand drawn design on all of their cosmetic products. Even though you might not think of them for your makeup needs, they actually carry a wide variety of products and assorted colors. Anna Sui is another brand where clothing comes to mind first. For her cosmetic line, she stuck to the brand image and features products in bold colors with intricate black packaging.  We also found perfume brands, such as Nasomatto and Hap & Stahns, that were on the complete opposite spectrum of design.

Check out the slideshow above to see what brands package their products in a way that makes them stand out from your typical cosmetic or perfume line!

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Click through the slideshow to see which brands really stand out when it comes to package design!

When you think of the British-based store Topshop, you might not think of cosmetics. However, their line should not be ignored. The wide variety of products come in all colors and the packaging is simple, but still has that hand drawn quality to it. (Available in stores and at

Even if you are not a cat person, you should still be able to appreciate the feline-shaped lipsticks from French brand Paul & Joe. All of their lipsticks feature these silly designs on the end and are in tubes that remind us of '70s-style wallpaper. (Available at

The simple design of Nasomatto's perfume collection should not go unnoticed. The small bottles are topped off with a variety of wood caps. (Available at

Not only does Benefit come up with cheeky names for their products, the packaging is just as witty. When you buy one of their many sets, you will not be disappointed by the clever packaging. (Available at

The makeup line from Kjaer Weis not only features their sleek embossed logo, but the compacts are also all refillable. (Available at

The packaging for all of cosmetic brand MOR's product will make you think you went to a patisserie. The sweet macaron inspired lip balms and candy lip glosses all look delightfully delectable. (Available at

Happ & Stahns set themselves apart with their pin cushion topped perfume bottle. This scent was actually inspired by The Grand Tour - a trip that European ladies took when finishing their educations in the 19th century. (Available at

Fred Farrugia cosmetics come in swatches that can be added to a mini compact set that holds lip colors, bronzers and even eye shadows. (Available at

Designer Anna Sui not only makes awesome clothing, but her cosmetic packaging is just as intricate. Typically featuring a black lid, her products come in a variety of bright, bold colors. (Available at 

The When mask packs come in minimalistic packaging. The unique face wipes are available in six different types, depending on what you need them for. (Available at

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