Top 5 Hair Accessories for Spring, and How to Wear Them

Rachel Adler

Designers brought romantic, feminine trends to the spring runways via clothes, makeup, accessories, and hairstyles. Amid the bright pink lips, ruffles, and lace were delicate barrettes, ruffled headbands, and bright, oversized bows.

We tend to stick with what we know when it comes to our hair, so adding hair accessories can seem a bit daunting. This season, however, we’re determined to step out of our comfort zones and give these trends a try. If you’re feeling adventurous too, check out our favorites this season– and the best ways to get each look.

1. Barrettes
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At Phillip Lim’s spring ’10 show, the models had skinny red beaded barrettes in their hair– and we loved the look. A simple red barrette, like Lim’s, can be useful in two ways– it can add a little something to your outfit and provide a great utility for hiding that awkward phase when bangs are growing out. This style works on long or short hair, and looks best with an extreme side part. Try this style by Ulta for a cheap substitute.

2. Floral Hair Clips
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Chanel showed an array of hair accessories this season– but our favorites were their floral hair clips and headbands. Tie your hair up into a messy bun, leaving some strands loose at the front, for a disheveled look. Then, place the clip on one side of the bun. If you opt for the headband instead– do the same messy bun, and place the headband towards the front of your head. For a cheap substitute, try this band from Bakers or this floral clip from Anthropologie.

3. Head Wraps
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Head wraps are the perfect accessory for those dirty hair days (or rainy days and running late days)– and they also happen to look effortlessly cool. If you have short hair, you may want to steer clear of this trend (for fear of looking bald)– but, if you can manage to have a few strands peeking out underneath, you’ll be able to pull it off. For hair that is long, pull it back into a loose, low bun– but leave it pretty messy. Tie the head wrap to one side of the bun, leaving strands of hair out to frame your face. For a more affordable option, try this wrap from The Limited.

4. Embellished Hair Clips
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Dolce & Gabbana sent their models down the runway with gorgeous, thick, gold hair clips. These clips are a great tool to dress up any hairstyle for spring, but they work best on an updo. If you’re looking for a glam ‘do, pull your hair up into a loose bun (either a ballerina bun or a messy chignon will do the trick) and lay a pretty clip ornately across your head. We love Jennifer Behr’s Crystal and Chiffon Hairclip.

5. Bow Headbands
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Great big bows were seen everywhere this spring season– but Marc Jacobs did them best at Marc by Marc. This playful, youthful style is a fun way to liven up your outfit as the days get warmer. Luckily, this accessory works whether your hair is worn up or down– just make sure you have a little bit of texture in your hair— you don’t want the bow to overtake your ‘do. So, if you’re going for a ponytail, rub a bit of styling cream through your strands before pulling them up, and make sure that you leave a couple pieces down to frame your face. If you’re keeping your hair down, wavy hair works best. We especially love Topshop’s Cream Bow Headband.

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