Top 100 Trends Pinterest Thinks Will Be Really Big in 2015

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2014121001 Top 100 Trends Pinterest Thinks Will Be Really Big in 2015

Photo: Pinterest

Pinterest, the vortex of inspiration you get lost in whenever you’re on the hunt for outfit ideas, crafty DIY projects, or healthy recipes, has just released an official It-list for 2015. On it you’ll find 100 trend predictions for the year ahead that the website generated after considering both trending pins in popular categories, and the cool content being posted by influential pinners.

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After checking out Pinterest’s top 100 list, here are a few top predicted trends we’d like to try way before January 1.

1. Cauliflower will be the new kale. 

Kale came, it conquered, and if Pinterest’s predictions are spot-on, now the superfood trend is finally fizzing out. Instead, prepare to see cauliflower everything on menus at hipster restaurants near you, really soon. Because judging by the number of cauliflower recipes pinned by influential foodies, it looks like this crunchy white veg might be edging in. Although, cauliflower smoothie just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.


Photo: 7×7

2. Iceland is your new must-see travel destination.

Put your summer vaycay beach vibes on hold, because Iceland (one of the few places where you can see the incredible aurora borealis) is apparently going to be the trendy travel destination of 2015. We hope you like skiing. And ice.

3. The Man Repeller will continue her reign as the unofficial off-duty style queen.

Unless you’re a total newbie to Pinterest, you’ll recognize this face (and wardrobe) from just about every outfit inspiration board.

4. DIY timber furniture will have a major moment.

Cute furniture with an I-made-it-myself bragging value is getting bigger by the minute. Next year, DIY timber pieces are primed to take over. Consider yourself warned.

Double exposure photography


5. Double exposure photography is taking off.

Double exposure photography is a trippy technique used by photographers that involves combining two or more exposures to create a single image that looks a little (or exactly) like this. Get set to see more of it.


Photo: Journeys

6. Sneakers continue trending.

Pinterest has its hand in predicting just about everything, even fashion trends. The stylish creatives of the internet have been busy adding sneakers to their outfit boards, a good clue that this comfy style staple won’t be going anywhere next year and you can safely leave your high heels in storage.

Stencil floorboards.

Photo: Yatzer

7. Rug stencils hit homes.

If you love offbeat and unexpected home décor, you’re going to die for this. Stencil art is the quirky-cool home trend replacing traditional rugs and mats, because obviously carpet equals boring.

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