Top 10 New Spring Haircuts

Shannon Farrell
Top 10 New Spring Haircuts
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Miley Cyrus' eye-grazing shaggy layers really bring out those baby blues. Her longer layers just below the jaw line create soft lines without elongating the face. To get a wave in your bang like Miley, curl in sections with a large barrel curling iron and soften with a paddle brush.

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Last month Reese opted for thin, blunt bangs. Eyebrow length is all the rage this spring, but be wary, because constant trimming is a must! Another word of caution: When keeping your locks long like Reese did, you can fall into the danger of your ends looking thin and dead. To avoid, Farouk Systems Creative Artist Danielle Bucco-Regazzi suggests razoring techniques that give that edgy, healthier look.

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Katharine McPhee has recently gone with a perfect medium length. "With short to medium layers, you will create volume and movement to the hair," says Bucco-Regazzi. "Compliment with a long side bang." Style with a CHI Digital Ceramic Orbit Curler ($160, to create those red-carpet curls.

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Who said curly girls can't rock a short bob? Just look at actress Marley Shelton. The trick is to ask your stylist to cut just an inch below the chin. "When you shorten up the layers, it will give more structure to your curl from scalp to ends," said Bucco-Regazzi. "Always remember, the shorter the layer, the more height and volume!"

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Byrne only premiered her new bob at the SAG Awards last month, and it is already the newest trendsetting cut! "When asking your stylist for this look...KEEP IT SIMPLE!" Bucco-Regazzi advises keeping the hair short in back, gradually getting longer in the front, and no layering! "You want to keep the look sleek and chic."

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Long layers like Wiig's keeps below-the-should hair from falling flat. This style is ideal for someone with medium fine hair because it adds volume. Ask your stylist to cut blended layers at the collarbone with shorter layers falling between the mouth and cheekbones.

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The Pretty Little Liar recently cut her long blonde locks for this textured lob (or long bob). "Your length should be just at the top of your shoulders, with medium layers to compliment length," says Bucco-Regazzi. Add a very light fringe to soften the frame of the face. Scrunch with a texturizer, such as Sebastian Texturizer Flexible Bodifying Liquigel Gel ($11.99, to get Benson's tousled waves.

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"Cameron's length is cropped with very sharp edges," says Bucco-Regazzi. To get the look, use texturizing or razoring techniques. Angle the long side bangs so they drape across your forehead and blend into the waves.

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The mid-length bob has become a Hollywood staple, but no one has pulled it off better than Olivia Wilde. Bucco-Regazzi suggests asking your hairstylist to bring the length to the base of the neck. "With very subtle layering, add fringe that can go straight across or swept to the side for an evening look." Texturize with a sea salt spray, such as Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray ($18, or wear damp hair to bed in a bun. Release in the morning for soft, wispy waves.

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For the Oscars, the Best Actress nominee, Viola Davis, skipped the wig and went au naturale, showing off her clean cut and natural curls.

Bucco-Regazzi's last words of advice: "A photo is a great visual t ool for your stylist because a picture is worth a thousand words." We've heard the cliche before, but suddenly it all makes sense!

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