Top 10 Makeup Artists, Hairstylists & Manicurists to Follow On Instagram

Rachel Adler
Top 10 Makeup Artists, Hairstylists & Manicurists to Follow On Instagram
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Instagram has gotten a lot of press lately now that it has separated from Twitter (and ever since it was bought from Facebook). Much to our displeasure, we’ve been hit with a lot of changes because of the separation and buy out –we’ll no longer be able to share our lovely filtered photos through to Twitter, and we’ll have to deal with pesky ads. With these changes, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have a presence on both platforms.

We decided that this was an ideal time to review our list of followers to make sure we’re including everyone we need to be, and wanted to share the top 10 with you. Above are some of the most active beauty professionals in the biz that will show you behind-the-scenes photos of shoots, the best nail inspiration you can find, as well as sneak peeks of celebrity shoots before anyone else. Follow now, before you miss out!

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Makeup artist Gucci Westman (and also the creative director for Revlon) is constantly on set of shoots or working on new products with the Revlon team. Her Instagram feed is full of behind-the-scenes pictures and new products, as well as ideas of how to use them.

Celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles is known for her work on everyone from Jessica Chastain to Jessica Alba. She often captures behind the scenes pics on set, like the one above.

Nail artist Fleury Rose is obviously fun to follow for posts like the above, hamburger nails! If you ever need nail art inspiration, she's your go-to.

Hairstylist Jen Atkin is one the most creative beauty gurus on Instagram, posting collages of her days on set with the likes of Kaley Cuoco, Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Alba.

MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist Keri Blair is one of the most active of this group on social media, and for good reason. She not only posts her makeup pictures, but she also is now a leader on the MAC team in nail design, so we recommend following her (on her personal Instagram) for both.

Makeup artist Lottie is constantly shooting magazine covers and fashion editorial shoots, and capturing every step of the way.

Mylah Morales, well-known for being Rihanna's makeup artist, documents her time with RiRi as well as her favorite products available now.

Sam McKnight does the hair each season for a little show called Chanel – that's reason enough to give him a follow. Throw in a few celebs like Gaga, and you'll be hooked.

Ted Gibson is known in the beauty business for his "Gibson Girls" – everyone from Ashley Greene to the gorgeous Jessica Chastain. Follow him for behind the scenes pics and first glances at covers, like the one above.

London-based salon Wah Nails streams pictures of their artists' nail art all day long. Need inspiration for a crazy manicure or something that's simple yet has a touch of design? You'll find plenty on their Instagram.

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