Can Too Faced’s New Waterproof Mascara Stand Up to a Good Ugly-Cry?

Cady Lang
better than sex waterproof mascara review1 Can Too Faceds New Waterproof Mascara Stand Up to a Good Ugly Cry?


I’m not a fan of waterproof makeup, especially when it’s eyeliner or mascara. It tends to be stickier, it dries out quicker, and it’s harder to apply and remove.

However, I am the biggest fan of Too Faced’s Better than Sex mascara, which I’ve gone on record multiple times to sing its praises as my favorite beauty product—it’s basically false lashes in a tube, in the very best way possible. This said, when I heard that Better than Sex was coming out with a waterproof version ($23), my interest was piqued. Could my beloved go-to stand up to my distaste for waterproof makeup? After snagging a tube of the new (and maybe improved) product, I decided to put it to the test.

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The mascara looks and feels basically the same as the original formula (albeit, with some cute new packaging: a blue metal tube covered in “water droplets” instead of the familiar dusty pink of the original). Too Faced kept the thick hourglass-shaped brush too, although there seem to be fewer bristles, which is fine, since it allowed for more precision when I applied it.

Part of why I love Better than Sex is because the formula builds both length and volume while still being the inkiest black I’ve ever found. It doesn’t get clumpy (unless I intentionally apply it with a heavy hand—I’m sometimes partial to a messy-lash, Courtney Love vibe), and it never makes my lashes look tarantula-heavy. And believe it or not, the waterproof formula retained all these features.

Satisfied with the look and feel, I decided to test just how waterproof the mascara was by indulging in a good crying session.

There are a few things in life that can make me cry on command—Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commercials, my mother, and the movie “Waitress.” I opted for “Waitress” because I had it on HBO Go, but also because who doesn’t want to see a sad-eyed Keri Russell play a pregnant waitress who’s having an affair with her OB-GYN, while plotting how to escape her abusive husband and open a pie shop of her own. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Anyway, I watched all of “Waitress” after applying Better than Sex Waterproof and it held up remarkably well. Granted, there was a little, tiny bit of  smudging, but that was mostly due to the copious amount of gratuitous ugly-crying I was doing. I’m sure if I’d opted for testing this out with the Sarah McLachlan commercial, there would have been no smudging whatsoever.

Taking off the mascara just meant using a good makeup remover (a drugstore remover can do the job nicely) and washing my face well, which, given my past experiences with waterproof makeup, wasn’t daunting at all.

In conclusion: Better than Sex Waterproof not only upheld my adoration for this mascara franchise and helped me reconsider my thoughts about waterproof makeup, but now gives me the option to cry basically smudgeproof whenever I want. #Blessed.