The Latest Trend in Contouring is Actually Genius

Rachel Krause

Masterful contouring was once a technique practiced primarily by makeup artists and those in the know, but in the past couple of years using makeup to sculpt your features has expanded into a widespread trend with an “anyone can do it” philosophy. There’s no shortage of highlighting and contouring tutorials, and even products and palettes developed to make easy work of the process.

Lately we’ve been seeing different contouring “trends” popping up—for one, we’re now wise to strobing, which eschews classic contouring in favor of aggressive highlighting. Over-the-top “clown contouring” and “henna contouring” also made their respective ways onto our radar.

These unique approaches have become a dime a dozen, but there’s another method that has managed to pique our interest. “Tontouring,” as it’s been coined by Cocoa Brown Tan founder Marissa Carter, involves using self-tanner rather than makeup to create a longer-lasting contoured look, rather than one you need to recreate every time you apply your makeup. Genius.

Carter recommends scoring the look, which should last about a week, by first applying a gradual tanner to the entire face as a light base, then using a stippling brush to apply a darker mousse tanner around the hairline. Finally, using an angled contouring brush, apply the same mousse formula under the cheekbone from the ear down to the mid-cheek, where you’d usually contour with makeup. “A little bit of tan under the tip of the nose and down the sides will make the nose look smaller,” too, Carter told the Daily Mail.

A bit of blending, and you’re good to go. If you’re the kind of person who applies a light contour every day, the “tontouring” technique could be a total game changer and time saver. You can, indeed, actually wake up like this.

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