Tom Ford Shares His Grooming Commandments: “No Need for Deodorant”

Valeria Nekhim


Tom Ford loves Tom Ford and he’s not afraid to admit it. And why should he be? Not only is he a legend in the fashion world, but the designer never looks anything but 100% put-together, making him the male equivalent of, say, Diane Kruger or Miranda Kerr.

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We’ll admit, we’ve often wondered how the man responsible for outfitting Jay Z and Brad Pitt, and for transforming Justin Timberlake into a modern-day Cary Grant (pompadour hairstyle and all), can be so polished from top to bottom all of the time. Now, he’s sharing his 10 Grooming Commandments with GQ, and, as you can imagine, they’re amazing.

Ford, who has a successful makeup and perfume line, is coming out with new grooming products this month, because he believes a man’s skin and hair are just as important as his clothes. In an interesting twist, the designer insists that deodorant is not necessary (we’re still on the fence about that one). Here are a handful of some of our favorite of his “commandments”—be sure to read the rest on GQ!

A Small Selection of Tom Ford’s (Amazing) Grooming Commandments

#10 “No need for deodorant. I like the way sweat smells. It’s sexy.”

#9 “I don’t eat onions or garlic. Ever. Fresh breath is important.”

#7 “Get a pedicure.”

#4 “Want girls to let you put your fingers in certain places? Get a manicure.”

#1 “I personally hate shaved genitals, but ask your partner what he or she prefers.”

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