Toe Nail Art: How Far is Too Far?

Rachel Adler

toenail art Toe Nail Art: How Far is Too Far?

We celebrate nail art here at Beauty High on a weekly (often daily) basis. The creativity that can go into a person’s manicure is often times astounding, creating what some could say is an art form on fingernails. But, if you’re as observant as we are, you’ll have noticed that the nail art mania has moved on to well below the belt and taken hold of the toenail, with nail art strips even being developed for our little tootsies.

Now many will argue that nail art is not a “trend” and people have been painting intricate designs on their fingernails and toenails for years which is obviously true. But no one can disagree that this phenomenon has seriously kicked up a notch in recent years, and is showing no sign of stopping. So, it of course brought us to the question — how much is too much nail art? Are you comfortable with the fact that we now bedazzle our fingers and our toes? When does it get to the point that it is just plain tacky? Let us know what you think in the poll below!

[Image via Pinterest]

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