Toddlers & Tiaras Now Promotes Breast & Butt Augmentation

Rachel Adler

We have seen a lot of madness on the TLC show Toddlers & Tiaras. Between children who claim that they love getting fake tans because it makes them look “more like Beyonce,” but then cry during the application, and the famous Eden Wood, beauty pagaent superstar who tours malls and has released a single (Cutie Patootie), the show never ceases amazes.

On last night’s episode, four-year-old Maddy Jackson chose to dress up as Dolly Parton for her performance. Not only did she don a wig and lots of makeup for the part, but she also of course had to complete her costume with fake breasts, and a padded butt.

Her mother of course supported the decision, saying that everyone thinks it’s cute, and a neccessary part of the costume to have a bit more cleavage. Maddy didn’t seem to understand who Dolly Parton even was, but just simply that her mother once dressed up as the legendary singer.

Do you think it’s right to be having such a young child wear fake boobs and a butt to perform on stage, even if it’s just a “costume”?