Beauty Tips: Top 10 Make-Up Turn-Offs for Men (Plus Our Favorite Natural Celeb Looks)

Rachel Adler

The natural look has made a comeback lately, much to the pleasure of guys everywhere. But for us girls, it is sometimes harder to pull off than a done-up face. After years of bold shadows, red lips, and bright cheeks, leaving the house with a simple dewy complexion leaves us feeling, well, naked.

Unfortunately for product-loving girls, it turns out guys are more attracted to girls that wear less makeup. According to the Daily Mail, “one in five men wish their partner would tone down the slap-on while one in ten said they liked women who wore no make-up whatsoever.” So you can start catching a little extra beauty sleep in the morning ladies– and embrace your natural beauty.

Below are the top 10 make-up turn-offs, (according to men).
1. Lipstick on teeth
2. Too much blush
3. Thick foundation
4. Panda eyes
5. Clumpy mascara
6. Bright lipstick
7. Foundation tide mark around the jaw-line
8. Bright blue eyeshadow
9. Penciled-in eyebrows
10. Amy Winehouse-style eyeliner flicks

And here are a few of the women that we think do natural make up beautifully:

1. Jennifer Aniston
Even if she is climbing in age, she still looks better than most of us– without make-up on. Her natural glow (and okay, maybe a hint of blush) have us reading every gossip magazine to find out how she got over Brad, and then John…while looking so darn gorgeous and happy.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth was perfecting the nude lip before make-up artists knew how big of an effect the color “nude” (yes, it’s officially a color) would have on the world of beauty. And we love her for teaching fair-skinned blondes everywhere how to embrace and show off their natural skin tone.

3. Sienna Miller
Not that Sienna needs any help being pretty, but her flawless, dewy complexion doesn’t hurt matters. This is one girl who actually has us believing she literally woke up looking like this. Jealous?

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4. Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie’s one of those lucky ladies who has ice blue eyes that speak for themselves– no need for dark shadows here. She also keeps her brows well-groomed, a very important thing to remember when wearing minimal make-up.

5. Charlize Theron
This South African beauty is another well-known au natural face. Perfecting the nude lip and barely-there shadow, the J’Adore spokeswoman shows off her flawless face.

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