Beauty Buzz: Styling Tricks For Growing Out Your Bangs, Christie Brinkley’s Skincare Line, More

Victoria Moorhouse


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1. Any girl who has grown out her bangs understands the pain this hairstyling switch-up can cause. Make the annoying process easier and check out these life-changing tricks. [Women’s Health]

2. Cindy Crawford isn’t the only legendary supermodel who’s venturing into skin care. Christie Brinkley is launching a new line that will debut in March on HSN. [WWD]

3. Nix the food guilt this Thanksgiving! These six holiday staples are healthier than you’d think.  [Daily Makeover]

4. Do you know the history behind the cat eye? It’s been a trend for longer than you can imagine. [Byrdie]

5. Heading to happy hour? There’s a few things you need to know about freshening up your makeup. [Allure]