Tips to Protect Your Hair from Humidity

Aly Walansky
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Let’s face it: The next few months are the time of the year when your hair can be a complete nightmare due to the heat and humidity. “Hair reacts to the climate or weather. You need the right products to contain the frizz,” says celebrity hair stylist Oscar Blandi.

Start Fresh
“A simple fix for all that frizzy hair in the humid summer months is to start the season with a fresh haircut,” says  LA-based celebrity hair and makeup artist Julia Papworth. Have your stylist give you a cut that works with your own natural texture, so you are not batting from behind when the summer starts. Once you get that fresh new cut, an extra protective step to battle frizz is to solely use hair products that are largely silicone-based when blowdrying your hair. The silicone will coat your hair shaft and help to repel all that moisture in the air.

Go Fishing
“Visit your health food store and buy a bottle of Omega 3 fish oil 800/epa/500/dps infused with oranges. This stuff does everything, but recently I’ve began to spray a light spray on the ends of the hair and then rub it in to any hair line areas that don’t do well with humidity (i.e baby hairs). This is not the thick fish oil of the past. It’s light as a feather, smells amazing, adds shine and control to hair during the humid months,” says celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Amanda Shackleton.

For thicker, unruly hair, you can start at the ends then work up to the root. For finer hair just us a tiny dab and do the same.

Go Natural
With heat and humidity peaking during those spring and summer months, it is best to go with a more natural look. Try not to straighten or “overly do” your hair because it will just frizz right back out. “Natural styles are the best way to go to avoid damage and maximize your beauty,” says Erica Sanchez, owner of Vanity Salon in Boca Raton.

To prevent frizz and flyways, be sure you’re constantly moisturizing your hair. “Use a conditioning mask regularly or a leave in deep conditioner on your ends before drying. Conditioning your hair throughout the spring and getting into a regimen helps to prepare your hair for the summer months,” says Blandi, who suggests to tame hair by using an oil-based serum that isn’t super heavy to add shine and moisture to the hair. In extreme heat and humidity, avoid volumizing products. It’ll just weigh down hair further.

Minimize Frizz
Avoid going against your natural hair texture, Sanchez says. The salt and chlorine from the beach and pool can do some serious damage if you try doing too much. Sanchez advises divorcing the brush and blow-dryer and marrying the right styling products.

Frizz is the most common hair problem for those in humid weather. “I prefer using products with natural ingredients such as camellia or sesame oil. Other ingredients such as silicone will help to smooth and add softness and shine to the hair. I also tell clients to use a moisturizing mask at least once a week,” says George Gonzalez, owner of George the Salon Chicago.

If you do blow out your hair, create a great base for styling by blow drying your hair from the top down. “Direct the dryer toward the ends. Always dry the roots about 70% first, then focus on the ends. Make sure you control the ends with your brush or try using your hands to press the dried hair smooth,” says Gonzalez.

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