Beauty Tips from the Street: Fallon Matthews


Fallon Matthews, one of the amazing fashion interns here at StyleCaster, has one of those utterly gorgeous, flawless faces that sucks you in. After having found myself mouth-ajar, inappropriately staring at her more than couple times, I decided to ask her for her tips.

In her own words: “I have sensitive skin so I try to use gentle products. My dermatologist introduced me to Cetaphil and we’ve been BFF’s since! It’s super gentle, cleans the skin without drying it out, and removes oil. Essentially, it cleanses and moisturizes at the same time and it’s super cheap so any one can afford it…love it.  I use Cetaphil daily, but on the days where I have a lot of makeup on I use Liquid Neutrogena (fragrance free). For moisturizing I use either Cetaphil lotion or I dab Olay active hydrating beauty fluid (the original) on my face…they’re both great”.
“As far as makeup goes, I like to keep it simple unless there’s an event I’m going to. I use very little concealer: MAC Select; I only put one drop under my eyes and dab it in. Then I use blush: MAC Margin or Format. For lipgloss I use MAC in Instant Gold, Oyster, or C-thru. I love soft pinks, nudes, bronze colors, and earthy colors because I think they give a natural glow. I top it all of with the Madonna of mascara, Maybelline Define a Lash and then I’m out the door”.