Tips For How to Get the Spring 2013 Makeup Trends From a MAC Cosmetics Pro

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Tips For How to Get the Spring 2013 Makeup Trends From a MAC Cosmetics Pro
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MAC Cosmetics is known as the backstage makeup team staple during fashion week – the team of artists covers about 200 shows per season, from New York to Paris. After each season, their artists reflect back on each show that they worked on to discuss which trends developed over the course of “fashion month.” For the Spring/Summer 2013 season, the MAC team declared four different trends: Sig-nature, Nu-ance, Sci-chedelic and Puri-Tan. The trends all highlighted different notes, with a common theme of glowing skin, ’60s influences and one statement feature.

We took a moment to speak with Lyne Desnoyers, the Artistic Director of MAC Cosmetics, about what each trend entails, as well as how to get the looks (and how to finally perfect that statement matte lip). Read on below for her tips, and check out the slideshow above for an in-depth look into the MAC trends for spring and summer 2013.

Beauty High: The “Sig-nature” trend really showed a new way to use highlights, it was often described as a “glow from within.” Can you give the real girl some tips for getting this look?

Lyne Desnoyers: I think that one of the key elements and probably one of the easiest things to do whether you like wearing foundation, whether you like concealer is to think about your highlights – the #1 makeup thing that is very democratic – women are loving creams. So highlights are probably the easiest, and more so now that summer is coming with the humidity, my recommendation is to use a highlight with a bit of a sparkle in it because we’re already dewy – so I’ll choose a color that is either skin tone or has a hint of a gold effect to it, so that is very delicate – I’m not talking sparkly, Christmas-y. Think of it in a heart shape – start at the bridge of your nose, bring it here [at your cheekbone] and then finish here [at your chin] and then if you’re smart get a multi-usage one and finish with a little bit of gloss. But the glow, and the attention that is brought to skin has a lot to do with the highlight being the key element.

And, this trend is interesting because it mixes both dewy skin and matte skin to achieve almost that middle ground – would you say that that’s more of the goal this season?

Oh, yes. Absolutely. There’s just something to be said about luminosity and how it’s reinterpreted from one season to another. You know when you think about what it is that a woman truly wants when she is thinking about her makeup, she just wants to look really luminous and she wants her eyes to stand out – so sometimes it’s really clever to think about what you want to mattify, what you want to keep glossy. That’s why the nude look is so appealing to so many women, all you have to do is a touch of highlighter here a little mattifying here and you automaticaly get something that is really revealing your bone structure and individuality.

With Nu-Ance, we saw a variety of pastels and metallics washed over lids and lips, always making one area the statement – but this trend definitely embraces color. Do you think there is a specific palette to follow for the season?

There’s a couple of colors, I call them the “organic colors;” the soft blues, the soft yellows, the corals, almost the colors we have naturally in our skin tones – of course we beautify this by adding a hint of white, that’s where we see the pastels. I want to say yes, the big favorites were the lavenders, the yellows. Something quite interesting about the choice of colder colors – we’re not saying goodbye to tans – but cold colors were making a lovely statement in terms of luminosity.

We saw a lot of ’60s influences this Spring/Summer with graphic looks like colored lashes and bright matte lips. How can someone pull off a statement matte lip at home?

I have 2-3 tips: Using just a lip pencil for example, for women who like very lightweight texture, going with a lip pencil is interesting. It’s maybe not the usual way, but it’s interesting to do your entire lip with it because of the waxy finish you automatically get, something that is second-skin and matte. On top of that, why not a good old pro longwear lipstick of course, which is just quite lovely because you can really put it on and remove the excess – they’re usually quite flat looking as well. One of the oldest tricks in the world is to lightly powder them – it may be not quite comfortable for everyday, but it will do the trick for a special event.

Brows are continuing to make a statement – what are your favorite tools for brows right now, and do you have 3 tricks for the perfect brow?

What I’m finding that is interesting with the brow, is that it’s really a statement in itself and can completely establish the mood of your makeup. One of the easiest tips is to get a brow gel – what it does is give your brows more density, and it’s a fool proof way to enhance your eyebrows. Another thing that I find interesting is to work with pencils in precise points. So that if what you’re struggling with is just like little holes, all you can do is just play and you can really go tone on tone or you can just go a little lighter. I’m finding that the use of a clean brush is very, very helpful in order for all of those little touches to really blend into your eyebrows. I find that less is more, choose your battles, and really in terms of shape, we’re seeing more of a straighter shape.

The final trend, Puri-Tan is the ’60s take on a California girl. How do you suggest someone balance this almost urban grunge look off the runway?

I find that what’s interesting is you can think about the whole – all kinds of browns. There’s some caramel browns, there’s some pinkish browns, there’s some terracota browns, and really what is it doing? They’re being played on the eyes, or played on the skin but in all cases not in the expected  way. I find it very interesting for women to be able to think outside of the orangey-brown or the classic bronzing type of effect. My trick would be, of course there’s the great classic, you choose a blush or great bronzer that has a little bit of bronze (don’t choose something with a lot of orange – unless you have very dark skin). We’re instead exploring soft roses and pinks and taupes, we’re using them in a playful way and more on the center of the face. But, the most important thing is to not go with something too dark, or step away from something too orange-y because it could come off as fake.

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Sig-nature: The Sig-nature trend was all about naturally perfected, luminous skin that gave off a look that almost had a "glow from within."

Blumarine SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree


Prabal Gurung SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree


Ruffian SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree

Nu-ance: Softer, cleaner colors came to the forefront for the spring season, giving the beauty looks a "modern romance" and focusing on transparent washes of cooler tones.

Issey Miyake SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree


Peter Som SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree


Tess Giberson SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree

Sci-chedelic: The graphic, statement look was given a '60s influence for the spring season, with op-art color and a feel of effortlessness.

Holly Fulton SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree


Missoni SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree


Moschino SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree

Puri-tan: A daring combination of neutral shades were often seen on both the eyes and lips (or eyes and cheeks) to create a '60s inspired bohemian look, which many were calling a "Sepia tone," for the Instagram-savvy among us.

Max Mara SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree


Proenza Schouler SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree


Alberta Ferretti SS 2013, Image via Imaxtree

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