Beauty Tips: 5 Foods For More Beautiful Skin

Laurel Pinson

They said that beauty is skin deep, but let them stand corrected. It’s not just your facial regime that keeps your skin radiant, it actually has quite a bit to do with the foods you eat. That’s right, ladies; what you’re eating could be detrimental to our skin! Besides the recommended eight glasses of water a day, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamins A – E will help you achieve radiant, soft and supple skin!

Here are the top five foods to help you get on track to an even more beautiful complexion and put your best face forward:


Think orange

Beta carotene is an important antioxidant, which is converted into vitamin A in the body, helping the skin in growth and repair of body tissue. Just in time for Thanksgiving, indulge in food such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and carrots.


Bright berries

Cranberries, a fall favorite, are rich in antioxidants to battle free radical oxidants that are hell bent on damaging our skin. Cranberries can effectively minimize and prevent redness and inflammation, and are essential for slowing the signs of skin aging. Any other bright berries, even pomegranate, will lead to healthier and more beautiful skin!


Nuts for nuts

For skin to really be soft, it needs to retain moisture. Nuts and seeds provide an excellent source of vitamin E, which will do just that! Just a ¼ cup of sunflower seed will have 90 percent of your vitamin E intake for the day, and if you’re not a fan, try a ½ cup of raw almonds.


Omega 3s

Avocados are in so many facial products, so why not just eat them to get more benefits? High in omegas 3s and essential fatty acids, you don’t need to indulge everyday, just every once in a while to keep skin radiant and smooth. Salmon is another great option to ensure your skin really glows.


Going green

Did you know your skin has its own age? In fact, it can be younger than you are; after all, age is just a number, right? Fight off those premature lines and wrinkles by eating foods that are plentiful in vitamin A which will contribute to the formation of new cells. We recommend spinach or broccoli; the darker the better.

Lastly, even though it may be hard, try to minimize sugar intake. Sugar attacks the elastin in our skin cells, the protein that allows our skin to bounce back. A decrease in elastin will lead to (and I hate to say it) saggy and wrinkly skin well before we are due for it.