Beauty Tip: Use Hot Rollers for Easy Glam Waves


For most women, the extent of their experience with hot rollers is limited to a distant, youthful observation of their mothers prepping their hair for a dinner date or the theater. Since then, curling and flat irons have become more common for styling hair, while hot rollers have been shoved to the back of the linen closet.

However, Aveda hair stylist Kurt Hez Lowry explains how to get spring’s hair trend of messy curls with a smooth crown– using hot rollers. For more hair tips, visit Kurt’s beauty blog here!

Step 1 (above):
Start with clean or dirty, but dry hair. Prep the hair with a medium hold hairspray such as Brilliant Hairspray by Aveda. If you have especially silky hair and need some extra grip, spritz a little water and mousse or Phomollient Styling Foam by Aveda and distribute through the hair with a brush.

Step 2:
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For spring, a big trend is to have smooth hair at the crown with big curls at the bottom of the hair. Keep the rollers low and do not roll them all the way up to the crown. Starting on the side of the face, pull a small section of hair from the top of the head and put the roller underneath the strand. Wind the section of hair around the hot roller and roll the hair down the head.

Step 3:
88726 1266873784 Beauty Tip: Use Hot Rollers for Easy Glam Waves
Taking the section of hair underneath the first hot roller, place the hot roller on top of the strand of hair and roll the hot roller towards the head again. Simply by alternating where you place the roller (either on top of or below the section of hair) will give your hair a Studio 54-inspired wave– which is the key to achieving this look.

Step 4:
88722 1266873779 Beauty Tip: Use Hot Rollers for Easy Glam Waves
If you’re having a hard time getting the ends of your hair into the hot roller, take a square of aluminum foil and fold it over the ends of the hair. Wrap the foil and the hair around the roller. This technique is especially helpful for women who have a razor or blunt cut, or if your ends are damaged from over-ironing.

Step 5:
Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your entire head is covered. Don’t be worried if your rollers are not perfectly neat.

Step 6:
88724 1266873782 Beauty Tip: Use Hot Rollers for Easy Glam Waves
Let the rollers sit until they’re cool to the touch. If you want to gauge how tight your curl is, take out one of the rollers and determine if the wave is enough for you. If not, leave the remaining rollers in for a few more minutes.

Step 7:
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After you’ve removed all of the hot rollers, finger comb the hair for a soft curl. Spray hairspray over your curls for extra hold. For a fuller look, backcomb the ends of the hair with your fingers to rough it up a bit. Finally, to smooth out the crown of the head, apply Light Elements Texturizing Cream by Aveda to the top of the head– this adds a little shine to the hair and controls flyaways.

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