Snob Essentials Founder Tina Craig Reveals Her Comprehensive Beauty Regimen

Daily Makeover

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As a TV presenter and founding partner of Snob Essentials, my life moves in the fast lane—I’m on the go from the moment I wake up. But when it comes to my super-involved daily beauty regimen, I take things real slow. So I’m breaking down all my best skincare secrets with my no-fail, 10-step AM and PM routines below (I swear it’s worth it!). Best of all, you can use everyday drugstore beauty products from brands like L’Oreal Paris, the skin experts, to keep yourself clear and glowing. It’s all about putting your best face forward.

In the evening
This process is going to sound like a science project because it is. Every inch of my face is accounted for and customized to best cater its needs.

  1. Cleanse: First, use a great cleanser to remove all traces of visible makeup. I suggest a cleanser that also exfoliates at the same time—gently scrubbing with a washcloth helps!
  2. Tone: This is a very important step! Toner preps skin for full absorption of products. It also rids any makeup residue from your face and neutralizes chemicals from tap water.
  3. Brighten and lighten: I freckle very easily so I use a lightener to even out spots. I look for over-the-counter products that have a pharmaceutical-grade peroxide acid and glycolic acid treatment.
  4. Face serum: This L’Oreal Paris Revitalift™ Triple Power™ Concentrated Serum Treatment is shockingly good for its price. Your skin will drink it up! I use it all over my face and neck.
  5. Eye serum: Since turning 40, I noticed my eyelid starting to droop—quell horreur!—but after using eye serum every night for nine months, my eyelids are not only tighter but smoother from the retinol. Apply it in a circular upward motion along the eye orbital bone, and bring it to the top of my eyelid and extend it up to the browbone. I also apply it under the eye in a circular motion. Never pat on eye serums!
  6. Eye creams: This is a must for any beauty routine. Eye creams are so rich and moisturizing! It’s great for extreme conditions and I also love it during long flights abroad.
  7. Nighttime oil: I apply a nighttime oil that absorbs into the skin quickly. It’s a holy grail in terms of making the pores look smaller overnight.
  8. Spot treatment: What’s more annoying than adult acne?! The minute I see the start of a spot, I use an anti-cyst serum and it literally disappears overnight. If it doesn’t, I use it twice a day and the most stubborn of cysts and acne will acquiesce.
  9. Night cream: Apply it to cheeks and ears—yup, your ears age!—and blot with the back of your hands instead of blotting excess cream with tissue. That way, nothing goes to waste!
  10. Neck cream: Apply a neck cream in an upwards-and-back motion, extending it behind the ears and to the back of the neck. It will help the neck from sagging.

In the morning
I only have this one face! Taking care of it now is better than doing something drastic later in life and risk looking like a goon from Popeye.

  1. Cleanse: Your skin only needs a light cleanse or refresher in the morning to get rid of oily residue. I like cleansing wipes, which are also great for late nights and traveling. They remove any lingering traces of makeup from the night before.
  2. Tone: I prefer an alcohol-free toner to soothe the face and get it prepped for the day. Whether you have dry, normal, or oily skin, a good toner helps evenly moisturize and soften the face.
  3. Scrub: I always keep a face scrub in the shower and use it twice a week: Mondays and Fridays. Leave it on while you shampoo and condition your hair to really let the scrub hydrate the skin.
  4. Vitamin C serum: I am into a super serum with Vitamin C. The natural acids produce collagen so your skin will naturally get tighter. Just remember: Vitamin C in the AM, retinol in the PM.
  5. Eye cream: I don’t drink coffee so I depend on an eye cream to brighten up the eyes and make me look awake. Be sure to use it for under the eye as well.
  6. Face oil: Don’t be afraid of oils, even if you have oily skin! As I mentioned earlier, overly dry skin causes breakouts because of the overproduction of oil. Use a face oil on the cheeks and neck, but avoid the T-zone.
  7. Day cream and sunscreen: Find a daily cream with plenty of SPF to prevent your face from creating more wrinkles. Sunscreen will act like a layer of Teflon over your face. I took a long boat ride in the Caribbean Sea without a hat and lucky for me, I didn’t tan or freckle with sunscreen!
  8. Face masks: I mask every other day with different types. A good trick is to exfoliate, followed by moisturizing masks on even days—Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays—and tightening or deep-cleansing masks on the odd days. It doesn’t take long—I mask as I condition or brush my hair. Masking is like a gift to your skin. In the summertime, I keep tightening masks in the fridge for a refreshing, cool facial.
  9. DIY egg white mask: Right before a photo shoot or an important event, I beat egg whites to a froth and slather the mixture all over my face until it completely dries. Egg whites are high in protein and collagen, which helps with quick tightening. When the mixture is completely dry, I hop in the shower and rinse it off.
  10. Neck cream: People tend to overlook neck creams but they are so essential. Neck creams help with sagging and takes care of wrinkles. Nothing’s worse than having an old-looking neck that doesn’t match your glowing, youthful face.

Tina Craig is the co-founder of the popular blog turned e-commerce site Snob Essentials (formerly known as Bag Snob), along with her partner Kelly Cook. Together, they curate the best style picks, scope out the biggest trends and must-haves, cover the latest in beauty and lifestyle, and sell their own brand of Snob Essentials handbags.

This post is part of a sponsored advertising campaign with L’Oreal Paris, the skin experts.