12 Times We Wish Our Sense of Smell Was Broken

Augusta Falletta

woman smelling flowers

A good fragrance can get us excited, but too much of a good thing is never a good thing, right? Most times, we’re pretty excited that we get to experience the scent of a lavender bubble bath or a box of cupcakes, but there are just some times when we wish we could turn our noses off. After learning that the human nose can detect over a trillion smells — yes, a trillion — we got to thinking about some of them, and couldn’t help but recall a few that we didn’t quite love. Here are 12 of the times we wish our sense of smell didn’t work, because we know you’ll agree.

1. The nail salon. We love a good manicure, but the fumes and polish remover are enough to make us sick.

2. While talking to someone who hasn’t brushed their teeth. At least pop a mint if you’re a close-talker.

3. In a candle store. One candle? Great. 400 scents simultaneously attacking your nostrils? Check, please.

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4. While we’re straightening our hair. Heat protectant or not, flat irons always smell like something’s burning.

5. Walking into/nearby/past/within 10 feet of Abercrombie, where their models and clothes seem to be doused in their signature fragrance.

6. Sitting next to the hipster on the subway who thinks that not showering is the cool thing to do.

7. When you open old makeup and discover that it is, in fact, expired.

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8. Hot yoga class. Namast-oh my goodness this is the worst.

9. Every time you take a sip of your gluten-free kale juice while you’re on a cleanse.

10. When your aunt, who perpetually smells like rose soap, smothers you with love. (Aunt Janice, we love you, too, but please stop with the floral body wash).

11. When your roommate starts burning every kind of incense she has.

12. Every time we put antibacterial sanitizer on our hands.

Image via Tay Jnr/Getty Images