Tim Tebow’s Beauty Secret That We Fully Support

Amanda Elser

Not going to lie, feet gross me out — especially male feet. So when we heard that Tim Tebow made his way to an L.A. nail salon last week to get a pedicure, it actually made me like the football star a bit more. Apparently Tebow isn’t the only one jumping on the pedicure train. The new secret weapon for male athletes everywhere, more and more sports stars are making regular appointments at their local salon for what is now being called “sports pedicures” (basically, a pedi without the polish).

According to Today, more men are getting pedicures as a part of their training schedule. According to Dr. Howard Osterman, the team podiatrist for the Washington Wizards basketball team, the players aren’t the least bit embarrassed about their weekly spa visits. “It’s as much medical as it is cosmetic,” he told Today. He said foot massages helps improve blood flow and reduce inflammation and pain, while removing areas of hardened skin reduces pressure points, plus cutting nails correctly can prevent ingrown toenails.

What do you think of the growing male-pedicure trend? Are you for or against dude-grooming? 

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