TikTokers Are Showing Off Their “Flaws” In New Viral Trend

Elizabeth Denton
TikTokers Are Showing Off Their “Flaws” In New Viral Trend
Photo: ImaxTree.

Just like there used to be on Instagram, before the algorithm changes and the trend towards perfection, TikTok has viral challenges from dances to songs to makeup applications. The newest TikTok trend, though, is a little different. Some are tagging it the #ImNotPerfectChallenge and it’s all about embracing your “flaws.” Of course, most of these are things that are really no big deal, such as a bump on the nose, acne or rosacea. But with everyone on social media constantly striving for perfection, it’s refreshing to see people of all genders embracing what they used to think of as flaws.

TikTok user @tattoosbyandrea chose to sing a song called “Superficial Love” by Ruth B. while she revealed she has Hashimoto hypothyroidism. User @jessicaheyho sang the same song with the lyrics “I’m not perfect, get lost” while she showed the breakouts around her hairline. Others held up signs about having PCOS, diabetes or other illnesses you can’t see from the outside.

The trend towards showing your “real” self on social media is a long time coming. For years, people have been editing and FaceTuning their way to that they deemed perfection. But that has consequences and now it’s almost like we feel uncomfortable without a face filter. What does that do for self-esteem? Nothing good.

See a few of our favorites from the viral challenge and join in to show your “flaws” on TikTok. We love to see it. And if you don’t have TikTok, we can still all afford to be a little more honest on those other apps and give the face-changing filters a rest.