The ‘Euphoria’ Makeup Challenge Is Back on TikTok—And It’s Even Better

Elizabeth Denton
The ‘Euphoria’ Makeup Challenge Is Back on TikTok—And It’s Even Better
Photo: HBO.

Although Euphoria debuted on HBO more than a year ago, I still haven’t gotten over the killer performances and eye-catching makeup. Neither have fans on social media, as another TikTok Euphoria makeup trend has popped up recently on my FYP and I can’t get enough of it. It’s a little different from the original makeup challenge and hasn’t caught on as quickly or as large. But the ones who have done it? Their videos prove recreating the show’s makeup might even be better the second time around.

Each TikTok video starts with the user solemnly singing a version of Bea Miller’s “Feel Something.” After the line, “I just wanna feel like a person again,” the user falls back onto a bed, the lights change to blacklights and their glittery makeup glows. As expected from a Euphoria trend, the makeup is focused mostly around the eyes. But some go a step further and take the glitter down their face and on their brows.

It’s not just makeup. Each person did their hair in a Euphoria-style ponytail or big curls. Even Addison Rae got it on the action, rocking graphic eyeliner, glossy lips and ultra-high pigtails. Watch her video and four of our other favorites before you try it out for yourself. (Yes, you can do it! You know you have the time right now.) You’ll see people of all styles and genders are trying the trend because it’s definitely not just for those who look like they’re actually acting in the HBO show.

If you’re giving TikTok a break for Reels, you can totally try the trend over there, but I’m not sure if the chopped up version of the song is available. Reels is also a little short for it (at just 15 seconds). Come on Instagram, we need 30 seconds!






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