TikTok Just Might Be the New Instagram When It Comes to Beauty

Elizabeth Denton
TikTok Just Might Be the New Instagram When It Comes to Beauty
Photo: ImaxTree.

We’ve all heard the complaints about Instagram. The algorithm is a mess and we don’t even see our friends’ content. If you’re an influencer, you’re frustrated that only a small percent of your followers see your page now. Plus, Instagram can feel too curated and full of #ads. That’s probably a bit why TikTok is gaining popularity. TikTok has some of the best beauty videos on social media from brands, influencers and just anyone and everyone. They’re weird, funny, informative and just a lot more real—at least, for now.

If you’re an (Old) Millennial like I am, you might not even be on TikTok. The platform is mostly full of those who land safely into Gen Z (generally born after 1995) and just understand the video app more than any of us. But, probably to their great annoyance, the rest of us are starting to catch on. While I haven’t made a video yet (it’s coming!), I’m an expert lurker and have found the growing beauty community to be smart, funny and truly unique. Get ready to lose hours of your life scrolling and scrolling. You’ve been warned.

Below, check out some of my favorite 15-second videos as of late and download the app to see more. There are more than 500 million users so, what are you waiting for?

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When Grandma Wants to Get In on the Action

I could go on forever but you get the drill. Yes, it’s out-there but there’s something refreshing about all the weirdness.