Tiffany Haddish on How Shaving Her Head Gave Her an ‘Extra Sense’ & Keeping Her Blonde Healthy

Elizabeth Denton
Tiffany Haddish on How Shaving Her Head Gave Her an ‘Extra Sense’ & Keeping Her Blonde Healthy
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Tiffany Haddish is one of the busiest people in Hollywood. This is a compliment because literally everyone wants to work with her. Whether it’s a movie premiere (hers or a friend’s), a music video (like Russ’s Handsomer Remix) or a stand-up show, she’s there. She even recently wrote an original picture book and has a collection of essays coming out in November. Now, Haddish is vitafusion brand partner , helping the company launch two new gummies. What can’t she do?!

We caught up with the star to find out about her new gig and her current beauty routine because girl is looking good.

Why She Got Into the Supplement Game

“I am always on the go, and not able to eat everything my body needs, and taking a multivitamin like Multi + Immune Support and the Multi + Beauty, from vitafusion gummy vitamins, helps,” she says. “I like those two a lot. Gummies are better than pills because they are delicious, and my body doesn’t have to work as hard to break them down because they are pretty much melted by the time they get down my throat.”

Vitafusion Multi Immune Support Multivitamins Tiffany Haddish on How Shaving Her Head Gave Her an Extra Sense & Keeping Her Blonde Healthy


The Freedom In Shaving Her Head

“I loved having a shaved head because I really got to feel all the elements and who I am and see my face,” Haddish says. “God did a good job making my face, my body, and my head and it feels so good when you touch it, and you feel the wind blowing and it gave me an extra sense. There was sensations I was experiencing I never have in my whole life and to finally experience it was amazing.”

How Going Blonde Changed Her Haircare Routine

“My hair routine has changed a lot, especially in the last few months because I dyed my hair blonde,” she says. “Blonde does make hair really dry so I put in oil and leave-in conditioners every morning after I shower and every night before I go to bed, I make sure my hair is moisturized because if not it will fall off in patches and that’s not cool.”

Feeling Beautiful from the Inside Out

“I think skincare is important and that’s inner beauty with a lot going on inside,” she says. “I like to look pretty and wear makeup. Do I like doing it every day? No. My face and skin need to breathe. I am against clogging it on a daily basis but sometimes I have to for work. I love when they put the brushes on me and do my hair, when I do it myself, maybe only once a week. I really love my natural look. Before I cut my hair I always did my makeup but I really love what I did and want to amplify that.”

Going Back to a Shaved Head

“I am definitely keeping it short for a while, but I do miss the bald head so it might make a comeback we’ll see.”

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