Throw Your Hands Up in the Air


With the Spring season in full bloom, and the summer quickly approaching, a multitude of opportunities begin to present themselves. More beach days, less work days, more bike rides, less car rides, more tanks, less fabric…less fabric — more shaving!

But this year, shaving — a ubiquitously loathed activity — doesn’t necessarily have to be the pits. Dove recently released a new product that assists in ridding unwanted hair long after you finish shaving.

Dove Visibly Smooth deodorant works to diminish the appearance of underarm hair. A combination of natural extracts and signature Dove moisturizers maintain soft and dry skin even on the hottest days. Prolonged use increases effectiveness, not only acting as a “shaving-agent,” but as a 24-hour deodorant and antiperspirant. Look for new scents, Wild Rose and Nature Fresh, to keep you feeling fresh and confident!

The temperature is rising, and your arms can be too thanks to Dove Visibly Smooth. Visit and receive two dollars off your purchase.

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