Shoppers Say These Hydrogel Eye Masks ‘Smooth Out Any Puffiness’ & Fine Lines ‘Almost Immediately’

Katie Decker-Jacoby
Shoppers Say These Hydrogel Eye Masks ‘Smooth Out Any Puffiness’ & Fine Lines ‘Almost Immediately’
Photo: Three Ships Beauty.

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After a long day at work or a late night out, being horizontal is all I really want to do. Oh, and also remove my makeup and make sure my skin’s taken care of. Sometimes, I treat myself to a face mask, though it can be hard to find one that actually makes a difference and doesn’t slide off immediately. It’s also not an easy take to find one that isn’t super wasteful. Enter: Three Ships Beauty’s new Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks

The hydrogel eye masks promise to depuff, brighten and hydrate your under eyes—and in 10 minutes at that. They do all of this without creating more waste, too. Simply soak them in warm or hot water for 10 minutes and watch as they completely dissolve. Pour the water down the drain and move on to the rest of your skincare routine. It’s that easy!

But besides being kind to the planet, the eye masks are amazing for your skin, thanks to three key ingredients: red algae, upcycled avocado extract and glycerin. While antioxidant-rich red algae protects skin from environmental stressors (and makes the product biodegradable), avocado extract brightens dark circles and de-puffs. Glycerin is the cherry on top, as it plumps skin and locks in water. These hydrogel masks sound like the complete package, right? Well, according to shoppers who have already rushed to write reviews for the masks—which launched on September 29—they are.

“I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I put them on in the morning while I get ready for work, and they completely smooth out any puffiness or fine lines, and leave my under eyes glowing,” raved one five-star reviewer. “I buy these in bulk! It’s also great that they are biodegradable, unlike some other products that create waste.”

Get ready to show your under eyes some T.L.C. with the Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks. They’ll look and feel so refreshed that nobody will be able to tell that you stayed up late binge-watching the new House of the Dragon series.

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Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks Three Ships Beauty

Photo: Three Ships Beauty.

To reap the benefits of the masks, let your clean skin soak up all ingredients for 10 to 20 minutes. Then, remove them and pat any excess serum onto your skin. And be sure to break down the hydrogel to save the planet from more waste.

If you need even more convincing, this product’s fans are on it.

“The eye masks do such a great job at brightening and depuffing my under eyes. The cooling effect makes me feel refreshed and literally ready for the day!” wrote one reviewer. “This product is truly one of a kind!”

“I’ve been looking for an environmentally friendly [alternative] to single-use eye masks and this is the one!” another one wrote. “They are so easy to apply and feel super comfortable while they are on! My undereye felt softer and looked less puffy almost immediately after use. The real perk is being able to watch them disintegrate in water.”

Well, you heard it here first: Three Ships Beauty’s new Brighter Days Eye Masks are here to save both your under eyes and the planet—a true win-win!

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