How to Camouflage Thinning Hair

Megan Segura
Photo: ImaxTree

Photo: ImaxTree

Thinning hair is a problem that plagues many women, both young and old. It can show up anywhere on the head, but it’s particularly devastating when it shows up on the front or sides of the head. David Babaii, a celebrity hairstylist and partner at Blo Blow Dry Bar, gives his tips for hiding all evidence of hair loss.

When it comes to finding a hairstyle that will hide thinning hair, Babaii says, “I would suggest soft layers that will help give the appearance of fullness with the length ranging from chin to shoulder length. If hair is long and all one length, it will only emphasize the lack of density in the hair.” Look to these layered hairstyles for inspiration.

When it comes to styling hair in a way that covers of thinning areas, Babaii recommends the following tips:

1. Use quality tools.
“When blow drying your hair or using styling tools, I always recommend investing in great tools that not only do a great job but also protect the hair from heat damage. I personally use ghd tools.”

2. Take it easy on the brushing.
“I recommend limiting brushing as not to add extra stress to your strands. Here is where you also make an investment in a good brush. For short hair, you can select from a natural bristle brush to a vent brush. With medium to longer lengths, I recommend a paddle brush. Always start from the bottom to start to loosen any tangles and work your way up. If you start at the top, you can cause breakage which is what you want to avoid.”

3. Blow dry with purpose.
“For drying, I encourage women to rough dry their hair first by bending over using your hands to move the hair in different directions while concentrating at the root area to lift the base for volume or scrunch to create natural texture. When dry, throw your head back to achieve lift and volume. If needed to smooth any areas, take a round ceramic brush to bump the ends, style your fringe or smooth the surface.”

4. Be aware of the products you use.
“There are many products out there that are for volumizing and adding texture. I would stay away from some of the oils that might weigh hair down and select a professional root lifter or beach spray. I say professional because these products contain better ingredients which are better for the health of your hair. Plus, I would look into René Furterer products that have a line geared toward thinning hair.”

And while good health won’t work any hair loss miracles, Babaii says it doesn’t hurt to opt for healthier eating while looks to reverse hair loss. He also recommends drinking plenty of water and snacking on Brazil nuts.

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