Thinking Of Becoming A Redhead?


Are you ready to shed your brunette locks for something a bit more ruby, copper or auburn? As I mentioned in Redheads Light Up The Red Carpet, –and have continued to notice–there is most definitely a trend pointing in the direction of red. If this trend is calling your name, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Before-After redhead

Great example of how a girl with dark eyes and a medium complexion can go red

First, we should talk about shade selection. Here are some general guidelines:

If you have green or blue eyes and fair skin, you would look great in the copper family.
If you have hazel or brown eyes and a medium complexion (tan or olive), you would look fab with an auburn shade.
If your complexion is dark, deep or ebony, you would be amazing in a ruby shade of red.

Now let’s discuss application. Refer back to the tips I shared in Hot Headed. For the best results, stick with what we in the business call a “virgin” application: apply the color to the mid-shaft and ends first, then go back and do the inch closest to the scalp. If you are going a shade of red darker than your natural color, you can use demi-permanent color, but if you are going lighter or looking to have bright sparkle with your new hue, you need to use permanent color.

Take a look at the before and after shot of a cutie (shown above) that came into the salon. I think she is a great example of how a girl with dark eyes and a medium complexion can go red.

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