15 Safe Things To Do While Social Distancing, Including *GASP* Your Own Nails

15 Safe Things To Do While Social Distancing, Including *GASP* Your Own Nails
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I won’t downplay the seriousness of Coronavirus. It’s swiftly impacting lives and news is changing by the hour. I am also not Dr. Oz, so my medical advice begins and ends with, yo, please wash your hands. However, now that a lot of us are social distancing–aka stay at home, work at home, play at home, do everything at home–I, a mere beauty editor, want us to remember all of the beautifully normal things to do inside while Coronavirus updates continue to trickle in.

Since my next Sephora run is on hold, I figure any of these things are better than convincing myself that handmade sanitizer is a good idea.

1. Practice Washing Your Hands

A new concept for some, but normal protocol for most. A lot of people are singing the Happy Birthday song twice to hit that 20-second mark. I, on the other hand, am attempting a spot-on rendition of Patti Labelle’s very soulful take on the A,B,C’s. Regardless of your song choice, a moisturizing hand wash and sanitizing lotion are godsends.

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2. *Gasp* Do Your Own Nails

Our hands are hot spots, so it may finally be time to use that bottle of polish gathering dust in your bathroom. It’s probably been a while since you did your own manicure, so brush up (pun intended) on your skills via YouTube. And in case you forgot, the order is base coat, color, and topcoat.


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3. Give Into the Tik Tok Craze

You kids and your Tik Tok. Maybe boredom will finally force me onto the bandwagon.

Hood Feminism Mikki Kendall

4. Read a Book

A concept: finishing one book in just a few days. I ordered Mikki Kendall’s Hood Feminism after realizing I wouldn’t get the hand sanitizer I need on Amazon. Not gonna lie, though—I definitely sprayed it with disinfectant immediately after removing from the box.

5. Better Yet, Write a Book

Hello fellow creatives: now is the time to start the project you’ve been sitting on! Maybe it’s a book, maybe it’s a website. Take advantage of the alone time.

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6. Sit in a Hot Bath For More Than 5 Minutes

Let’s stop pretending it’s not hard to sit in that pretty tub with Lush bath bombs fizzing all around. It gets hot quick and if you don’t have a bottle of water nearby, the self-care moment ends as quickly as it began. Here’s your chance to actually ease your way in and contemplate staying still.

7. Overthink Everything in the Shower

Or you could also always give into worry and stare at the shower wall until the water runs cold.

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HomeEc Interiors, Cait Pappas.

8. Get Your Marie Kondo On

Now is not the time to hang onto things that don’t spark joy. Sort, clear and disinfect, in that order.

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9. Make Your Bed For Once

You literally have no excuse because there’s nowhere to run. Plus, it will motivate you to set up a work-from-home station elsewhere.

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10. Throw Out That Two-Year-Old Mascara

It’s okay. You’re not the only one who always uses it beyond that recommended three-month mark. But while you’re at it, get rid of everything else that should’ve been thrown out a long time ago too.

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11. Use Your Sephora or Ulta Points

Spoiler alert: the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale is about to begin. Try spending your store points online to fill up the empty space with new beauty essentials. I can’t think of a more financially responsible activity.

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12. Perfect Your Selfie Game

Let this also motivate you to put on actual clothes and wash your face once the cabin fever really sets in. You know your feed isn’t going to stop popping because we’re all indoors…

Woman Texting

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13. Leave ________ on Read

I’ve already shut off my phone twice to avoid the non-stop texts from paranoid friends and family. Now, for the sake of staying in touch with loved ones, I’m keeping it on and leaving only some people on read. Perhaps it’s a bit selfish, but protecting my peace is a non-negotiable. Don’t feel bad if you’re doing the same thing.

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14. Master Your Cat Eye

I mean, does anyone ever get it right on the first try? (Order one of these to give yourself a fair shot.)

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Walmart. Design: Cierra Miller.

14. Cook Something

I would kill for Milk Bar right now, but I know it would be smart to fire up the slow cooker instead and use the cookbook I ordered months ago.

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15. When All Else Fails, Retail Therapy

Save money for the essentials, but remember it’s okay to treat yourself to cheap, cute bikinis too. Also, WASH YOUR HANDS.

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