50 Things To Do Before Having a Baby

Korin Miller
things to do before having a baby

Here are 50 things every girl should do before having a kid. (Getty Images)

Having a baby is a life-altering experience in the best way possible. You’re launched into a different stratosphere of love that you didn’t know was possible and learn you actually don’t need as much sleep as you thought. But that life you had pre-baby? It’s definitely altered, which makes doing…pretty much everything harder than it used to be.

If you’re planning to have a baby someday, add a few or all of these to your pre-baby bucket list. Once your little one arrives, you’ll be glad you did.

Read on and let us know if we’re missing anything!

Leave your place in the morning, spend the day doing whatever you feel like, and don’t come back again until late at night.

Take that certified yoga instructor training course you always talked about doing.

Commit to a job that requires you to work crazy-late hours—and love it.

Blow an entire paycheck on that gorgeous bag you’ve been eyeing. Do it while you still don’t have to think about paying for daycare or college tuition.

 50 Things To Do Before Having a Baby

Go ahead ,splurge on the Chanel backpack. (Jenny Norris)

Cook relaxing gourmet meals at home.

Don’t pick up after yourself for a few days.

Take nighttime gym classes. Once you have a wee one, you won’t be able to leave your place after 6:30 or 7 p.m. (aka “bedtime”) without a babysitter or coverage from your S.O.

Take a cross-country road trip with your partner, or even by yourself.

Watch a movie on a plane, or maybe two.

Throw an unforgettable party—the kind that your friends will still be talking about when your kid is 16.

Spend the entire day in your PJs at home, watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” re-runs.

Go for a long walk by yourself with zero distractions—no phone, no music, nothing.

Eat your favorite cereal every night for dinner for a week because, well, why not?

Go home after a long day, take your shoes off, put your feet up, and revel in the silence.

Plan a last-minute trip, and overpay for tickets.

things to do before baby

Always wanted to travel through Italy? Now’s the time. (Getty Images)

Let laundry build up for two weeks.

Do a round of shots…and then maybe another round, just for good measure.

Move to a big city.

Crash at a friend’s place after a fun night out when you just don’t feel like venturing home.

Take a “sick” day. Those are eaten up by sick baby days once your bundle of joy arrives.

Go to happy hour with your friends and soak up the $3 margarita night experience.

Leave scissors out on your coffee table.

Stay out so late you end up watching the sunrise. Then, curl up in bed and sleep as long as you like.

Go dancing on a Monday.

Travel through a foreign country whose name you can barely pronounce.

Do something stupid, like getting your nose pierced on a whim.

Eat dinner at 10 p.m.

Spend the whole afternoon shopping by yourself.

Have sex whenever you feel like it.

sex quotes

Feel like getting it on at 5 p.m.? Go for it. (Getty Images)

Join a quirky, beer-loving adult sports league, like dodgeball or flag football.

Turn off your phone for the whole day.

Do something daring, like bungee jumping or hang-gliding.

Go see a movie minutes after deciding you feel like catching one.

Decorate your place with decidedly kid-unfriendly décor—glass trinkets, metal tables, a white sofa, etc.

Make spur-of-the-moment plans at 9 p.m.

Take a long, uninterrupted bath while nursing a glass of wine.

Go out drinking on a work night.

Wake up at the last possible second before you have to get ready to go to work.

Buy a completely impractical car.

Take a regular weeknight cooking class.

Pack a blanket and a magazine, and lounge in your local park. Take a nap if the mood strikes.

Go to obscenely expensive restaurants.

Have a long phone catch-up with an out-of-town friend in the middle of the day.

Read a book at the beach.

Order takeout for every meal.

healthy takeout food 50 Things To Do Before Having a Baby

Eating takeout for every meal? Why not. (Getty Images)

Paint your nails when the mood strikes.

Go to Coachella with your closest friends.

Go for a drive by yourself with the windows down and music blasting.

Leave your place with everything you need in a tiny clutch.

Korin Miller is a writer, SEO nerd, and mom to a 1-year-old dude named Miles