10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Face Wipes

Samantha Freeman
Woman removing make up with facial wipe


We’re obsessed with face wipes. They’re lightweight, versatile and extremely easy to carry around. With hundreds of brands on the market, they now come in various scents and sizes depending on what you’re looking for. Until now, we didn’t know you could use facial wipes for anything besides removing makeup and cleaning our skin from the day’s activities. Below, we’ve outlined 10 unique uses for face wipes.

1. They don’t clean effectively: If you’re like us, we use a face wipe to get rid of makeup residue at the end of a long day. Dermatologists say this may not be the most effective way to eliminate makeup. Instead of cleansing your face, wipes may actually just be pushing dirt and makeup around your face, clogging your pores.

2. Cleansing wipes and makeup removing wipes are different: When looking for your next face wipe, remember, there are different types. The ones you’ll want for removing eye makeup are much different than cleansing wipes that clean deep down to your pores. Remember to read the label before making your next purchase or you may end up buying the wrong thing.

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3. Bring them to the beach: Cleansing wipes are perfect for hot days at the beach. Use them to get rid of sunscreen residue or just to cool down. Either way, they are lightweight and easy to stash in your beach bag.

4. Perfect for long plane rides: After a long trip it’s easy to feel greasy and tired. Swipe a cleansing wipe over your face and you’ll feel brand new. What’s even better is that they’re TSA approved!

5. Prevents body acne: After a long workout we’re left feeling sweaty and greasy. Leaving sweat soaking into your skin can lead to clogged pores and awful body acne. After completing your workout grab a cleansing wipe and wipe down your back and shoulders. This will help to prevent any future breakouts.

6. Eliminates stains: While face wipes won’t eliminate all stains, they can help relieve small stains. Dab a face wipe on any stain and the stain will be lifted from the fabric. Remember, don’t do this hours after the stain was made, or you’ll just be scrubbing endlessly – at that point you’ll want to toss it in the wash!

7. Wash your face after using: While face wipes are perfect when you’re in a rush or traveling, they should never be substituted for a face wash. Since they are known to move around dirt on your face, and can’t completely “scrub,” remember to always follow up by washing your face with a deep cleanser or exfoliator.

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8. Eliminates deodorant stains: We’ve all struggled with applying deodorant and then getting it all over our new black shirt. While rubbing the stain out with a paper towel may help, it leaves paper residue thats difficult to get rid of. Instead, grab a face wipe and lightly wipe across the stain, this will easily eliminate any deodorant residue.

9. Use when dying your hair: We all love a good at-home hair dye, but sometimes we’re left with extra dye all over our neck and forehead. Gently wipe away dye with a facial wipe. It will clean your pores while eliminating left-over hair dye.

10. Say goodbye to self-tanning streaks: Keeping our summer glow can be difficult during the winter months so we revert to self-tanning lotions. We’re obsessed with easy tinted lotions, but if not applied correctly, we can be left with streaks all over out body. Grab a facial wipe and eliminate these streaks right after application with a few gentle swipes.