15 Things Men Will Never Understand About Hair and Makeup

Augusta Falletta

men will never understand women

When it comes to your hair and makeup, there are just some things men will never understand. Whether it’s how much time you spend getting ready or the difference between a deep crimson and a matte red lipstick, some things are simply understood by your best girlfriends. Below are 15 random hair and makeup things guys will just never get.

1. The fact that, yes, there is a difference between a $12 haircut and a $50 one.

2. Why you’re spending an hour getting ready. It’s justified.

3. The difference between red and pink lipstick. (Really, why can’t they see they’re not the same?)

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4. How much effort it takes to make it look like you’re not wearing makeup.

5. Your nail art. Don’t even bother asking what they think about it.

6. Why it’s totally normal to have a body scrub, body wash, body polish, pre-shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, shaving cream, razor, loofah, and more in your shower at all times.

7. Going to get a manicure instead of doing your nails yourself. It’s basically impossible to trim your own cuticles, okay?

8. Face masks. They’ll just never get it.

9. Your Pinterest board full of haircut inspirations. Just make it a secret board so we don’t even have to bring it up in conversation.

10. The delicate craft of using a curling iron. No, it’s not the same as just letting your hair be naturally curly. There’s a difference. 

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11. Eyelash curlers. They’re a gift from above, not a torture device.

12. The amount of time you spend in Sephora (read: an entire day, even if you leave around noon for a lunch break and then go back).

13. Why they should never, ever, ever kiss you in public if you’re wearing lipstick. Kiss-proof or not, it will transfer, and it will cause a scene.

14. “Weird” products like hair oil.

15. You questioning whether or not you should get bangs for hours on end. Just talk to your girlfriends instead.

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