The South African Beauty Secret

Megan Segura

africanteacropped The South African Beauty Secret

I’m currently on a month’s holiday in South Africa, and I’m again on a beauty quest to find the secret that keeps South African women looking so gorgeous! I love discovering beauty treatments, ingredients and secrets from all over the world and here in this beautiful country, the secret is Rooibos Tea.

Used for generations by the Khoi and San people of South Africa, this tea grown only here is slammed full of rich antioxidants that help eczema, acne, aging and skin allergies. The mixture of all types of skintones here in this part of the world from very dark to porcelain seems to be line free and fresh looking. You can drink the tea or apply it to skin. Many South African beauty lines, like Inheritance Skin Care, uses Rooibos as their main ingredient.

The anti-aging enzyme superoxide dismutase is in Rooibos and is necessary for the production of healthy skin-producing cells. This tea also contains high levels of zinc and vitamin D 2 important vitamins and minerals for amazing skin. People with acne have reported that drinking the tea and applying it topically has helped decrease the amount of facial breakouts, and eczema sufferers apply the cool wet tea bags to their problem areas for instant relief. Expect this miracle tea to start popping up in more and more skincare products, like the famous Argan Oil. In the meantime, run to your local Whole Foods and stock up!

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